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2024 Assembly Small 

Ryan Tunseth, Kelly Cooper, Brent Johnson, Cindy Ecklund, Peter Ribbens
Brent Hibbert, Mike Tupper, Tyson Cox, Bill Elam


District 1 - Kalifornsky

Brent Hibbert 8x10 

Brent Hibbert

District 2 - Kenai

Richard Derkevorkian 8x10 

Ryan Tunseth


District 3 - Nikiski

   Peter Ribbens 8x10

Peter Ribbens


District 4 - Soldotna

Picture Cox D4 

Tyson Cox, Vice President

District 5 - Sterling/Funny River

Blakeley Norm

Bill Elam

District 6 - East Peninsula


Cindy Ecklund

District 7 - Central

Johnson Brent 120x135

Brent Johnson, President

District 8 - Homer

Cooper Kelly - Original 2014

Kelly Cooper

District 9 - South Peninsula

Dunne Original

Mike Tupper

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