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Solid Waste Subcommittee
Public Meeting Notice 


A meeting of the Resilience and Security Advisory Commission's Solid Waste Subcommittee has been scheduled for 
March 3, 2021 at 6:00 pm.

The meeting will be conducted under Roberts Rules of Order. 

The overarching goal of the Solid Waste working group is to provide the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly with potential improvements and recommendations for the reduction of solid waste going into the Central Peninsula Landfill. In conjunction with this goal, our aim is to increase the public’s understanding of the treatment of solid waste in the Kenai Peninsula and collectively explore alternatives for solid waste reduction, increase and/or improve recycling and composting capabilities, and the reutilization of currently discarded items.

With this public meeting we hope to open a space for dialog among community members interested in solid waste, recycling, and the potential for composting programs in the Kenai Peninsula.

This meeting will be led by the RSAC Solid Waste working group members. There are no presentations scheduled for this meeting and the structure is a moderated open platform for community members to present concerns and potential solutions to existing problems.


The meeting will be held online via zoom:
or by phone 1-888-788-0099,
Meeting ID 952 6647 9452

The public is invited to attend via zoom.



Phone: 907-714-2205
Phone: toll free within the Borough 1-800-478-4441, extension 2204
Fax: 907-714-2378
e-mail address:


Resilience & Security Advisory Commission


The Kenai Peninsula Borough (KPB) Resilience & Security Advisory Commission operates within the KPB Planning Department.  This commission advises the administration and assembly on developing sustainability solutions for the Borough to promote the economic security, safety, self-reliance, and wellbeing of its inhabitants, while maintaining the ability of future generations to do the same. The Administration of Resilience & Security Advisory Commission is outlined in KPB Ordinance 2020-25


  1. Divert materials that would otherwise be discarded in landfills within the borough to extend the lifetime of landfills and save taxpayer dollars
  2. Improve cost and energy efficiency of buildings
  3. Improve cost and energy efficiency of transportation
  4. Increase use of local, clean energy to (a) modernize electricity generation, storage and distribution; (b) increase energy independence; (c) diversify the grid and reduce supply volatility
  5. Support hazard mitigation planning that accounts for changing environmental conditions
  6. Improve food security through support of local agriculture, protection of the ecological integrity of fish and wildlife habitat, protection of water resources, and other means
  7. Conduct cost-benefit analysis of sustainable resource initiative
  8. Actively engage and communicate with borough communities to develop and institute sustainable resource initiatives through community workgroups, task-forces, online media, etc
  9. Seek funding to support the work of the commission
  10. Other similar efforts focused on protection of our natural resources, economy, security and wellbeing.

Why is a Resilience and Security Commission useful? 

The Kenai Peninsula Borough faces significant changes and challenges in our environment and in how our economic systems can operate efficiently in the years ahead. In many ways, this involves a mixture of environmental awareness, economic sense, appropriate engineering, and working with the capabilities of the people of the borough. Fortunately, we have many people who are interested in seeing the Kenai Peninsula Borough succeed in gaining efficiencies and being on good footing moving to promote a high quality of life through reliable practices and forward thinking actions.

By bringing together a commission to focus on identifying best practices and forward thinking actions that can be considered by the borough, opportunities will be revealed to help administer borough functions and to plan for timely infrastructure improvements. Because the commission is advisory in nature, the decisions on what to adopt, when and where to invest, and how to implement new practices will continue to use all the normal public processes and administrative leadership roles. The proposals and advice from the commission will therefore have to stand on its merits, and be value added, in order to become public policy. Some actions taken by the borough can save money (like energy efficiency), some actions can create opportunities (like agricultural policies), some actions can support private investment (like energy, road, and transportation initiatives). The 10 focus areas of the commission are consistent with the KPB comprehensive plan and have the potential for many types of useful outcomes that make the Kenai Peninsula Borough a more resilient and secure place to live and work.

RSAC Activities

The Resilience and Security Advisoty Commission is meeting monthly. Meetings have been held on the second wednesday of each month via Zoom since November 2020.


The commission has established 3 subcommittees to focus on selected priority areas:

  Building Efficiency Subcommittee: Bretwood (Hig) Higman, Mike Salzetti, Rich Davidson

  Solid Waste Subcommittee: Jenn (JP) Pletz, Randy Arndt, Alex Ravelo

  Agriculture Subcommittee: Michele Hartline, Agam Ohn-Bar, Scott Waterman

 The Commission has Established 2 youth seats, An application process is currently being developed and will be available soon.

The commission invites speakers to present information relevant to the 10 areas of focus during commission meetings. 



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