July 15, 2019

Planning Commission Meeting

Public Notices


Vacate the 15-foot-wide natural gas easement on Lot C2 Aggregate Subdivision Alaska Auto Country Addition No. Two (Plat KN 2007-27); within Section 29, Township 5 North, Range 10 West, Seward Meridian, Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska. KPB File 2019-060V. Petitioner: North Star Paving & Construction, Inc. of Soldotna, Alaska          Packet Information


Resolution SN 2019-02; A Street Naming Resolution to Rename Certain Public Rights-of-Way in the Kalifornsky area.  Location: Chimera Court is a public right-of-way named by plat KN 2018-91; within Section 25, Township 5 North, Range 11 West, Seward Meridian, Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska; within Emergency Service Number (ESN) 302. Petitioner: James Delker of Soldotna, Alaska.          Packet Information


PC Resolution 2019-20; A Resolution for a Conditional Land Use Permit for Material Extraction on a Parcel in the Sterling Area. Applicant / Landowner: Terry L. Smith; Parcel Number: 063-020-23; Legal Description: Tract A, halliburton Subdivision, according to Plat 94-68, Kenai Recording District; Location: 37170 Sterling Hwy; Proposed Land Use: The applicant wishes to obtain a permit for sand and gravel extraction on a portion of the parcels listed above.          Packet Information