Open 24 Hours a Day

Location & Permits
The TLF is located 2 miles northwest of the village of Tyonek on A St. in Sec. 35, T12N, R11W, S.M., AK. Due to the absence of written consent for landfill operations and a lack of compliance in operations by the Native Corporation, an ADEC permit has not been obtained since 1990.

This site has been in operation since the 1970's. The TLF sits on a portion of this 600-acre Native owned parcel and serves about 170 year round residents.

The Borough has worked unsuccessfully for years with local landowners, the Native Village of Tyonek, Tyonek Native Corporation, and Cook Inlet Regional Corporation to evaluate potential relocation. However, a possible option of closing the landfill and having disposers use the nearby Beluga Landfill is a likely future plan.

The burn box was manufactured and installed at the site in 2005.

An Operator under contract with the Borough is responsible for supplying the equipment, manpower and supplies necessary to perform all operations and maintenance the landfill in a safe and orderly manner. Contracted services include, but are not limited to, conducting litter clean up, managing burn box operations, snow removal and access road maintenance.

This unattended site is open 24 hours a day. An estimated 950 cubic yards of landfill capacity is consumed annually with a projected life of 10 more years.

Junk Vehicle Collection Program
In 2007 the Borough allocated funds and received a grant from the Denali Commission for a Junk Vehicle Collection & Removal Program. Collaborative efforts between the Borough and the Native Village of Tyonek developed a detailed program including performing an inventory of junk vehicles in the area, towing to a staging area, removing all fluids, crushing and barging to scrap metal recyclers. The program was successful up to the point of draining the fluids and staging the crushed vehicles when the funds ran out. Some of the crushed cars have been used for landfill cell berms.

No recyclables are collected at this site.

There is no environmental monitoring of this site.

Fees are not charged because there is no attendant on duty to inspect waste items or collect fees.