This project is funded through the Safe, Accountable, Efficient, Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU). Western Federal Lands Highway Division as authorized under Title 23 U.S.C Section 204 and identified by Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance CFDA #20.205.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Road Service Area (RSA) maintains over 645 miles (95% is gravel and 5% is paved) of roads. The RSA is divided into five regions, Central, West, North, East and South. Each region is divided into units. There are twenty-eight (28) road maintenance units borough-wide.


The borough contracts with local contractors to maintain roads. Road maintenance includes snow plowing, sanding, minor road repairs, grading and ditch clearing. The RSA hires contractors to perform all road maintenance work. Contractors are dispatched by the RSA. All concerns regarding road maintenance should be directed to the RSA, not the operational contractor.


An interactive RSA Capital Improvement Projects viewer can be found here, and the Road Service Area webpage is here.

The Donald E. Gilman River Center, located on Funny River Road across from the Soldotna Airport, is a multi-agency permitting facility housing a number of agencies that administer regulations encouraging responsible development in the watersheds of our community. The River Center operates as a kind of permitting hub for Kenai Peninsula property owners who can submit one application to the River Center and receive permits from multiple independent regulatory agencies. This unique service streamlines the permitting process for development in our community by facilitating communication and coordination among agencies with overlapping and adjoining jurisdictions, which results in a much simpler process for applicants, who would otherwise have to apply separately at the offices of each independent agency. Permitting agencies housed at the River Center include Alaska State Parks, Alaska Department of Fish and Game Division of Habitat, and the KPB planners who review and write permits under two chapters of the KPB Code of Ordinances: the Anadromous Waters Habitat Protection District (KPB 21.18) and the Floodplain Management Program (KPB 21.06). Applications submitted to the River Center are also forwarded to the US Army Corps of Engineers and US Fish and Wildlife Service for review for any required permits.