KRCviewerThe Kenai Peninsula Borough GIS Division creates, edits, and manages data necessary for the operation of all Borough departments. GIS is used daily to support the decision-making processes of our local government, as well as by the Borough's Emergency Response system. We also provide data to various private, native, state and federal entities. We store and maintain air photography dating back to 1967, and satellite imagery as recent as 2013. Frequently, data is provided to the public in digital and hard copy format.

Interactive mapping, data downloads, and printable maps have been moved to

codebookThe Kenai Peninsula Borough Code of Ordinances is organized by subject matter. Each section number designates the number of the title, chapter and section. For example, Section 18.12.050 is Section .050 located in Chapter .12 of Title 18.

In parentheses following each section in the code is the legislative history, which identifies the legislation that created or amended that specific section. Beginning in 2014, the codifier has provided a link to a copy of the ordinance listed in the history line. If a link is not provided, you may find a copy on the Assembly’s legislation page.