The KPB Resource Planning Department consists of the following  borough divisions; Planning & Platting Divisions; Land Management Division, Geographic Information Services and the Donald E. Gilman River Center

The Planning & Platting Divisions of the Resource Planning Department provides professional advice and information to the Planning Commission, Borough Assembly and other departments for the purpose of assisting in the ongoing socioeconomic development of the Borough.  It oversees all planning, zoning and platting powers on an areawide basis within the rural district of the borough.  The department provides information and assistance to other municipalities, local community groups, and the general public regarding subdivision regulations, local option zoning, land use regulations and land use planning.


Planning Commission and Plat Committee meetings may now be attended in person in the assembly chambers at the George A. Navarre Administration building, 144 N. Binkley Street in Soldotna.


Administration Building Emergency Action Plan
Anadromous Waters Habitat Protection Work Group
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KPB Code of Ordinances
KPB Comprehensive Plan Update
Kenai Peninsula Borough Comprehensive Plan 2019
Fee Schedule

2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan
Material Site Working Group Meetings 
Material Site Working Group Final Recommendations  
Planning Commission Meetings
Plat Committee Meetings
Ordinance 2014-02 - Subdivision Title 20 (enacted 2/11/14)
2030 Seward Comprehensive Plan Update - Volume 1
Soldotna Hazard Mitigation Plan 2016 Update
Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission Manual
Kenai Peninsula Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plant - Draft (July 2019)



Subdividing Your Property
Combining Lots or Parcels into One Parcel
Pre-Application Conference
Abbreviated Plat Submittal Form & Procedures
Plat Waiver Application & Procedures
Plat Amendment State Requirements 11.AAC.53.260
Plat Amendment Application
Plat Note Removal Application
Preliminary Plat Submittal Form
Exception Request Application
Final Plat Submittal Form
Time Extension Request for Preliminary Subdivision Plats
Right-Of-Way Easement Vacation Petition
Section Line Easement Vacation Petition
Utility Easement Vacation Petition & Procedures
Building Setback Permit Application & Procedures
Building Setback & Easement Information
Request for Review of a Plat Committee Decision

Building / Construction Permit Information 
Conditional Land Use Permit
Counter Gravel Extraction Permit
Planning Department Information
Plat Amendment Application    
Street Naming Procedures
Variance Application - for KPB 21.05 only