Senior Center Grants:

The Kenai Peninsula Borough's Senior Citizen's Grant Program is established by the  Borough's Code of Ordinances, Chapter 5.22. To be eligible for the senior citizen program grant, a senior citizens center or adult daycare center must e a nonprofit, tax exempt, as well as operating and located within the Kenai Peninsula Borough. The eligible center may be sponsored by a city or recognized by the Kenai Peninsula Borough assembly or the Alaska Commussion on Aging. There are regulations and rules associated with receipt of those funds, and funding is based on annual appropriation by the assembly.



Community Assistance Program Grants:

The State of Alaska Division of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA) issues Community Assistance Program (CAP) grant funds each year to the Kenai Peninsula Borough on behalf of the unincorporated communities that have nonprofit and tribal entities who are able to utilize funds within the communities for publc purposes. The State sets criteria and establishes rules and regulations associated with the funding. See AS. 29.60.865, AS 29.60.879, and 3 AAC 180.110. 


Funding, is based on the budgetary process of the State of Alaska. The application and grant process is managed by the Community and Fiscal project manager. 


Economic Development:

The Kenai Peninsula Borough issues economic development funds to support the growth and development of the economy of the Kenai Peninsula Borough. These two programs are currently the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District and the Small Business Development District. Each year, these entities provide services to support economic growth and stability in the Borough. 



 Opioid Settlement Fund Grant Program

In response to the receipt of funds from the Opioid Settlements that were distributed through the State of Alaska to the Kenai Peninsula Borough, the Kenai Peninsula Borough established the Opioid Settlement Fund Grant Program through Ordinance 2021-19-50. This grant program is established with the intent to bridge gaps in funding from federal and state funding while also supporting Opioid Remediation efforts designed to address misuse and abuse of opioid products, treat or mitigate opioid use or related disorders, and/or mitigate other effects of the opioid epidemic.

Attached to this application and notice are the appendixes of the settlement fund    which provides the comprehensive list of approved funding activities that are allowable under this grant program.

This grant program is limited to no more than five grants. This limit is regardless of the amount of funding provided through settlement funds. Should more than five applicants submit for funding, a committee of five members will be established by the Community and Fiscal Projects Manager and the applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Grant project narrative-10 Points

  1. Filling a need not funded through federal or state means-25 Points
  2. Number of communities served-25 Points
  3. Service to low-income individuals or disadvantaged communities- 25 Points
  4. Ingenuity, new ideas and forward thinking – 15 Points

       Total available points-100

Grants submitted that are requesting funding for disallowed activities   not be considered for funding regardless of their ability to meet any of the criteria for consideration.

Agencies that are eligible are:

  • Nonprofit entities
  • Medical providers and mental health providers with active licenses to practice under their respective Alaskan Boards, with no actions against their licenses in the prior three years, and who are not in arrears in any amounts owed to the Kenai Peninsula Borough.
  • Businesses who employ medical providers or mental health providers with active licenses to practice under their respective Alaskan Boards, with no actions against their licenses in the prior three years, and who are not in arrears in any amounts owed to the Kenai Peninsula Borough.
  • Native Tribes and Corporations that have not received opioid settlement funds previously, and have by resolution waived immunity from suit for claims arising out of activities of the council related to the grant.

Entities must be current on all legal filings at Federal, State, and Local levels and may not be in arrears in any balances due to the Kenai Peninsula Borough in order to apply.

Note that the following conditions also apply to all of the agencies:

  1. Services must be provided to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Residents, and by businesses within the Kenai Peninsula Borough.
  2. Applicants may not be in arrears in any amounts owed to the Kenai Peninsula Borough in any department for any amount.
  3. All licenses, registrations, and legal documentation must be current with the State of Alaska and Federal entities as required by law.

The total funding available this current year is $29,167.84 and has been appropriated by the assembly. It will be divided into equal parts by the number of accepted grantees who submit their applications to this program.

How to apply for OSFG Funds:

  1. Complete the attached application.
  2. Submit the following documentation with the application:
    1. Applicable license information
    2. State registration and license information
    3. IRS EIN and/or nonprofit status information (Those with social security information will be requested to mail the information or contact the Community and Fiscal Project Manager directly.)
    1. Tribal entities must include a resolution indicating a Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
    2. Nonprofit Entities must include current Alaska Biennial Reports. Obtain a current biennial report at
    3. Incomplete, or late applications will not be considered.
  1. Applications are due by 4PM on November 30, 2022


Grant Restrictions

  1. Grant funds may only be used for allowable amounts in accordance with Exhibit E. This list can be found in the Final Distributor Settlement Agreement: See Exhibit E for list of Opioid Remediation Uses
  2. The grant period for this grant period is January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023.

 Opioid Grants- Forthcoming