ADDRESS VERIFICATION REQUEST for Kenai Peninsula Borough Residents

In an effort to provide emergency responders with the most current and correct address information we are asking for your cooperation.

The technology exists which presents the street (physical) address and phone number data immediately to the 911 operator.  The 911 operator is trained to confirm and verify the phone number and address for EVERY call received.  It is vitally important you accommodate their questions - if a dispatcher has to assume the information is correct, when in fact it's erroneous, delays could result when emergency vehicles respond to the wrong location.

Please submit the following form and we will verify that you have the correct address. 

We recommend that you post your street address near your telephone.  You may know it but someone else may need to call 911.  Educate your family about the importance of knowing your street address.

It is also recommended that you post your street address on your house, or if your house is not visible from the road, next to your driveway.  Reflective letters of at least three inches are preferred.  Do not assume that previously posted numbers are correct.  The Borough can provide you with a sign for a $20 fee.  Please complete the Sign and Address Number Request Form to request a sign.

If you have any questions please contact Carrie Henson, KPB Addressing Officer, 714-2226.