The Kenai Peninsula Borough will be testing the KPB Alerts system beginning Wednesday, August 15 through Friday August 17.   During the test, residents will receive an automated phone call to landline and registered mobile phones.  The call will contain a recording indicating that the call was a test and that no action is necessary.  Most residents will receive calls on Wednesday, August 15, between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm.


This test is an important aspect of the new system, and allows the Borough and vendor to determine the most appropriate rate of notifications to utilize in future emergencies.  The objective is to deliver notifications as rapidly as possible without overloading local infrastructure.


We welcome your feedback as part of this process.  If you experienced any difficulty receiving or understanding the call, or if you successfully received the message, please fill out our comment form.


The KPB Alerts system was put in place following the January 2018 tsunami warning, as deficiencies were identified in the previous notification system.  Residents of the Borough can register their address and phone number(s) online at to receive alerts.  Alerts are sent via phone call and text message, and are also posted under KPB Alerts on Facebook and Twitter.