All Watercraft And Aircraft located within the boundaries of the borough are subject to a flat tax, regardless of value. Watercraft and Aircraft located within the city limits of Homer, Kenai, Seldovia, Seward and Soldotna are also taxed according to city ordinances.


Business Personal Property is taxed based on its full and true value. The first $100,000 of assessed value of business personal property is exempted from borough tax.  Businesses with personal property located outside the boundaries of an incorporated city with a total value less than $100,000 may not be required to file a return. 

BUSINESS PERSONAL PROPERTY consists of items used for business purposes, such as office equipment, counters, cash registers, computer systems, tables, chairs, refrigerator units, display cases, heavy equipment, bed linens, beds, nightstands, etc.


All Businesses with personal property located within the city limits of Seward, Seldovia and Kenai must file a return with the Assessor, on or before February 15, 2019.


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