North Road Extension Advisory Task Force


The meeting will occur once a month in the Assembly Chambers or via Zoom as designated by the advisory task force.

Assembly Chambers located at 144 N. Binkley St., Soldotna, AK 99669.  The NREATF will hold its next meeting on:




 To join the meeting from a computer, visit:

To attend the Zoom meeting by telephone call toll-free at 1-888-788-0099 or 1-877-853-5247 and enter    

 Meeting ID:  



Submit a public comment to the North Road Extension Advisory Task Force HERE.



The North Road Extension Advisory Task Force (NREATF) was established under Resolution 2021-077. The advisory task force shall consider and investigate matters related to the development and betterment of the North Road Extension, now and in the future. The task force will produce a comprehensive report to the assembly recommending the future of the North Road Extension, including any future funding needs and available sources of funding to meet those needs. The advisory task force shall automatically dissolve one year from the effective date of the establishing resolution, 10/12/2022.



The advisory task force will consist of seven (7) voting members appointed by the mayor and approved by the assembly, and an ex-officio assembly member to be appointed by the Assembly President. Appointed members must reside in the area accessible via the North Road Extension or along the area which would be accessible if the North Road Extension were to reasonably be extended. Applications are currently being accepted. To apply, please click on the application link below.

Application for Appointment


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