March 25, 2019 Plat Committee



1.     Commercial Park Unit 2
        KPB 2016-039R2 [Geovera, LLC / Arno, TL Investments, LLC]
        Location: on Ternview Place and Spruce Lane, City of Homer


2.   Fourth of July Creek Subdivision Seward Marine Industrial Center Rainbow Replat #2
      KPB 2019-015 [Joshua Varney / City of Seward]
      Location: on Morris Avenue, Olga Street and Sorrel Road, City of Seward


3.     Ji-Anna Subdivision Phase 3 Roady Addition
        KPB File 2019-016 [Segesser Surveys / Roady]
        Location: on Higher Ground Street off Robinson Loop Road, Sterling


4.     Murwood South Subdivision
        KPB File 2019-020 [Segesser Surveys / Kenai Peninsula Borough]
        Location: on Murwood Avenue and Iditarod Street, Kalifornsky


5.     R. Abbott Subdivision
       KPB File 2019-018 [Johnson Surveying / Abbott]
       Location: on A Private Road and Merkes Road off the Sterling Highway, Sterling


6.     Seward Business Park Phase 4 2019 Addition
        KPB File 2019-019 [Johnson Surveying / Noyes]
        Location: on Nautical Avenue off the Seward Highway, Bear Creek


7.     Herrin Subdivision 2019 Addition
        KPB File 2019-012 [Johnson Surveying / Koberstein]
        Location: On Lost Street and Blithe Court, Cohoe
        (Postponed from March 11, 2019 Meeting)