MAY 28, 2019 Plat Committee



1.     Back Country Estates
        KPB File 2019-045 [Geovera LLC / Arno]
        Location: on Ohlson Mountain Road, Diamond Ridge; Kachemak Bay APC


2.     James 2019
        KPB File 2019-054 [Geovera LLC / Haines]
        Location: on Halftrack Road, off Hematite Avenue, off Old East End Road, Fritz Creek; Kachemak Bay APC


3.     Skyline Drive Subdivision 2019 Replat
        KPB File 2019-055 [Orion Surveys / Busby, Sandoval, Mullen]
        Location: on Claudia Street, Blue Sky Avenue, and West Hill Road, City of Homer


4.     Lake Land Subdivision Barkman Replat
        KPB File 2019-049 [Segesser Surveys / Barkman]
        Location: on Tote Road and Paris Circle, Kalifornsky


5.     Mayfield Subdivision
        KPB File 2019-052 [Fineline Surveys, Inc. / Mayfield]
        Location: off the Sterling Highway near MP 105, Kalifornsky


6.     Bremond Farm Estates Norris Addition #2
        KPB File 2019-053 [Johnson Surveying / Norris]
        Location: on Bonita Avenue and Poppy Ridge Road, Kalifornsky


7.     Welaka Lake Boatright Addition
        KPB File 2019-057 [McLane Consulting Group / Boatright]
        Location: on Duke Street, Daisy Mae Avenue, and Island Lake Road, Nikiski