The following items are scheduled for public hearings to be held by the Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission Plat Committee.  The meeting is being held in the Betty J. Glick Assembly Chambers of the Kenai Peninsula Borough George A. Narvarre Administration Building, 144 N. Binkley Street, Soldotna.  The meeting will commence at 6:30 PM , or as soon thereafter as business permits.  The public may also participate via video and teleconferencing via ZOOM. To join the Zoom meeting from a computer visit  If you connect by computer and do not have speakers or a microphone, connect online and then select phone for audio. A box will come up  with toll free numbers, the Meeting ID, and your participant number.  To attend the Zoom meeting by telephone call toll free 1-888-788-0099 or 1-877-853-5247. When calling in you will need the Meeting ID 208 425 9541 If you have any issues connecting to the meeting please call (907) 714-2200.  This number is for assistance only and not public comment.  When joining the meeting the video and microphones will automatically be turned off.  Staff will continue to monitor and will keep video and microphones off during the meeting.  When public testimony or comment is allowed staff will request that you use the "raise hand" feature of zoom.  This may be found by clicking on your name and finding the ... symbol.  When staff sees your hand raised they will let the Chair know and your microphone will be unmuted.  Staff will let you know when your alloted time to speak is done.   If calling from a phone please use *9 to raise your hand.    


October 11, 2021


1. Alaskan Wildwood Phase 2; KPB File 2021-127
Fixed Height, LLC / Balyeat
Location: Queen Lane, Turku Avenue & Ram Rack Road
Nikolaevsk / Anchor Point APC

2. ASLS No. 2017-23 Tracts A B C D & E; KPB File 2021-133
PND Engineers / State of Alaska, DNR
Location: Seward Highway, Tenderfoot Land & Summit Avenue
Remote / Moose Pass APC

3. Captain Cook Heights 2021 Addition; KPB File 2021-135
Johnson Surveying / Blades
Location: Resolution Road
Clam Gulch Area

4. James Waddell Homestead 2021 Replat; 2021-136
Geovera, LLC / Wertanen, Wertanen Sr.
Location: Nelson & Ronda Street
City of Homer

5. Bunnells Subdivision Haigh 2021 Replat; KPB 2021-134
Seabright Surveying / Tim & Ruby Haigh Living Trust, Haigh
Location: Swatzell Street
City of Homer

6. Mansfield Subdivision Wolter 2021 Replat; KPB File 2021-121
Seabright Surveying / Wolter
Location: Hutler Road
Fritz Creek Area / Kachemak Bay APC