SN 95-01

3-27-1995 4-10-1995

Renaming certain public rights-of-way within Section 33, T1N, R13W; Section 7, T1N, R12W; Section 13, T1S, R14W; Section 24, T1S, R14W; Sections 26 & 27, T1S, R14W; Section 34, T1S, R14W; Section 35, T1S, R14W; Section 2, T2S, R14W; Section 4, T2S, R14W, all within ESN 451 in the Ninilchik Area.

Alder Circle to Ski Hill Circle
Aria Court, Aria Drive, Barbara Street to Barbara Drive
Barbara Court to Trial Court
Deep Creek Way to Halibut Road
Haines Street to Dennison Byer Road
Jackinsky Court to Woodsong Court
Jerry Street to Surf Street
Red Bluff Frontage Road to Frontage Road
Sterling Lane to Silver Lane

SN 95-02 4-24-1995 5-22-1995

Renaming certain public rights-of-way within Section 1, T2S, R14W; Section 22, T2N, R12W; Section 12, T2N, R12W; Section 5, T3S, R14W; Sections 2 & 11 T2S, R14W, all within ESN 451 and 303 in the Ninilchik and Cohoe areas.

Stewart Pape Road and Corby Avenue to Alice Avenue
Batton Avenue to Chilkoot Avenue
Blueberry Road to Saskatoon Avenue
Pleasant Pine Street and Unnamed cul-de-sac to Big Valley Avenue
William Street to Deerfield Street

SN 95-03 6-12-1995 6-26-1995 Renaming certain public rights-of-way within Section 31, T5N, R8W; Section 1, T2N, R12W; Section 36, T3N, R12W; Section 27, T5N, R8W; Section 18, T3N, R11W; Section 6, T2N, R11W; Section 26, T5N, R9W; Section 32, T3N, R11W; all within ESN 303.

Aurora Avenue to Moose Ridge Avenue
Cabin Road to Secora Avenue
Chinook Street to Dow Street
Marten Street to Lemming Street
Moose Street to Bull Moose Street
Miranda Avenue to Jay Avenue
River Court to Moosehead Lane
SN 95-04 6-26-1995 7-10-1995 Renaming a certain public right-of-way within Section 18, T5N, R8W within ESN 303.

Roberts Avenue to Peninsula Avenue
SN 95-05 8-28-1995 9-11-1995

Renaming certain public rights-of-way within Section 24, T5N, R9W; Section 27, T5N, R9W; Section 17, T5N, R10W; Section 15, T5N, R9W; Section 25, T5N, R10W; Section 7, T5N, R8W; Section 35, T5N, R11W; Section 32 and Section 33, T6N, R10W; Section 22 and 27, T4N, R11W; Section 5 and 6, T3N, R11W; Section 19, T5N, R8W; all within ESN areas 302 and 303.

Alderwood Road to Huske Street
Andrew Avenue to Tower Avenue
Blekes Road to Blekes Avenue
Burt Court to Franklin Court
Chucks River Road to Kenai Drive
College Place to Brumlow Place
Crabapple Avenue to Lentfer Avenue
Crown Avenue to Yewell Road
Mink Avenue to Wilderness Avenue
Zygoma Avenue to Emilie Avenue

SN 95-06 9-25-1995 10-9-1995 Renaming certain public rights-of-way within Section 14, T4N, R11W; Section 15, T4N, R11W; Section 30, T5N, R10W; Section 20, T5N, R9W; Section 20, T5N, R10W; Section 34, T5N, R11W; within ESN area 302.

Creary Road to Carl Street
Dolly Varden Street to Greenridge Street
East Drive & East Court to Secret Road
Fireweed Street to Eddy Hill Drive
Forgetmenot Street to Fredensborg Street
Loop Lane to Buck Avenue
SN 95-07 10-9-1995 10-9-1995 Renaming a right-of-way lying north of Judy Lynn Lane, off Kalifornsky Beach Road.  The right-of-way was dedicated by East Ridge Subdivision (Plat KN 95-44) and Hall Subdivision Lot 5, Block 3 (Plat KN 77-95); within Section 23, T5N, R11W, S.M., Alaska.

Kathy Way to Land Mark Circle