SN 99-01 1-11-99  Renaming Aero Avenue to Burdock Road within Aero Subdivision, Plat KN 86-41 Kenai Recording District, Section 10, T3N, R12W, SM, Alaska.
SN 99-02   6-28-99 Naming An Unnamed Private Road To Taxidermy Road, approximately 1,700 feet in Length, lying west of the Intersection of the Sterling Highway And The Old Sterling Highway South of Anchor Point, Within Section 32, T5S, R14W, S.M.
 SN 99-03  4-26-99 Renaming Victory Road to Lakestar Lane; Right-of-way lies within Lakeview Group of Homesites Replat of Lot A, (Plat SW770021) running northwest off Seward Highway, approximately 369 feet in length, located within Section 07, T03N, R01E, S.M, outside any existing base map and within ESN 601.
 SN 99-04  6-14-99 Renaming Johnson Avenue, Lying within River Dale Subdivision, (Plat KN 77-167) north of Funny River Road off the Sterling Highway, approximately 500 feet in length, located within Section 33, T05N, R10W, S.M, on Base Map KR18 and within ESN 301, to Oehler Road.
 SN 99-05  4-12-99 Naming a private unnamed road that originates within All Mine Subdivision #2, Lot 2-B-1, (Plat HM 82-08), off Langhus Drive, approximately 775 feet in length and 50 feet in width within Section 18, Township 5S, Range 11W, SM., to Full Curl Road.
SN 99-06  4-12-99 Renaming Gillas Street and an Unnamed Access Easement to Alpine Meadows Drive within Condra Terrace Too Subdivision Plat HM 87-1 and Easement Recorded at Homer District Recorders in Book 278, Pages 339-341 with Exhibit A, Within Section 7, T5S, R11W and Section 12, T5S, R12W, S.M.
SN 99-07  4-26-99 Naming Unnamed Public Right-of-way and Easements Misty Ridge Road within TICE ACRES Plat HM60-97 and Plat HM63-1146.
 SN 99-08  4-26-99 Renaming Deacon Street and Three Unnamed Streets With Martin Subdivision and One Unnamed Street Within Deacon Subdivision; within Deacon Subdivision No. 2 (SW Plat No. 29), to Lowell Point Road; and to name three unnamed streets within the Martin Subdivision #2 (SW Plat 61-243), to Beach Drive, Martin Road and Shady Lane.
 SN 99-09  7-12-99 Renaming Foster Avenue To Bubba’s Avenue; within Lakeside Subdivision Number Two (Plat KN 96-58) and Lot 14 of Forest Hills Lookout Subdivision, (Plat KN 86-204).
 SN 99-10  5-10-99 Renaming Carolane to Brittany Court within Gregory Sub. Addn No. 5 Amended (Plat KN 72 –39) lying east of Moose River; south of Sterling Highway in the Sterling area, located within Section 17, T5N, R8W, S.M.
 SN 99-11  5-24-99 Naming An Unnamed Section Line Easement Between Sections 23 & 26 T04N, R11W, S.M., Lemay Avenue at Mile 100.5 Sterling Highway
 SN 99-12  7-12-99 Renaming Martin Drive and Grant Avenue Within Carrol Martin Subdivision No. 2 (Plat #KN 94-82) and Grant Avenue Within Carrol Martin Subdivision (Plat KN 86-148) to Diamond M Ranch Road.
 SN 99-13  7-12-99 Renaming Avenue A to Karluk Avenue within Mariners Watch Subdivision Part One (Plat KN 78-44); Kingswood Estates Subdivision (Plat KN 76-22); Nicholas Subdivision (Plat KN 83-60); Doyle Estates Subdivision Third Edition (Plat KN 97-102); North 40 Estates No. 2 (Plat KN 86-154), & Kalifonsky Beach Industrial Park (Plat KN 73-23 and Plat KN 74-35).
 SN 99-14  7-26-99 Renaming Grouse Circle To Howling Husky Circle within Gillas Subdivision (Plat #HM 810045)
SN 99-15  7-26-99 Renaming Spahr Avenue to Midnight Sun Avenue within Spahr Subdivision (Plat HM 81-68) And Gillas Subdivision (Plat HM 810045) Within Section 7, T5S, R11W, SM; Base Map AR 39
 SN 99-16  7-26-99 Renaming Louise Drive to Jensen Drive within Valley View Subdivision (Plat #KN 82-86)
SN 99-17  8-23-99 Renaming Central Avenue to Igloo Avenue within Cottonwood Acres (Plat # KN 73-59)
 SN 99-18  10-11-99 Renaming Hilding Street to Hilltop Road in Norman K McGahan Homestead Tracts; between Sections 32 & 33, T8N, R11W S.M. and a Portion of Wolding’s Tract Subdivision

 SN 99-19

 11-22-99 Naming a Public Easement within Grace Cole Homestead Subd, KRD 91-21, Between Sections 27 and 28, T7N, R11W, S.M. To Puppy Dog Lake Street; NOT COMPLETED; no response from applicant
 SN 99-20  11-22-99 Changing the tag on Neighbors Avenue to Road and Naming two portions of ADL 206414 within Section 34, T8N, R11W, SM, Alaska, to Neighbors Road and Smith Road.