SN 2002-01


Naming an Unnamed Road Easement of Record to McElroy Farm Avenue; Location of Right-of-Way: Road easements are recorded in Book 178, Page 676 -679 in the Kenai Recording District. Public easement lies west of the Sterling Highway and is approximately 1760 feet in length. Described easement lies south of Coal Creek, between Wolverine Avenue and Capella Drive, and approximately 3 miles north of the Kasilof River within Section 17, T3N, R11W, S. M.

SN 2002-02 6-10-02 Renaming Midway Drive to Fannie Mae Avenue; Location: Edgington Subdivision No. 2 (Plat KN 79-195), Sleepy Hollow Subdivision ( Plat KN 78-79) within Section 30, T5N, R9W, S.M. and Sprucewood Terrace Subdivision (Plat KN 79-19), Birchwood Subdivision (Plat KN 79-115), Dawn Estates Subdivision (Plat KN 73-16) within Section 29, T5N, R9W, S.M.; Applicant: Kenai Peninsula Borough
SN 2002-03 4-22-02 Renaming Kodiak Street and Sudak Street to Unimak Drive; Location: Sleeper Subdivision No. 3 (KN 77-115 - Kodiak St); Forest Hills Subdivision (KN 79-210-Kodiak St) and Robinson Glen Subdivision (KN 83-266 -Sudak Street) within Section 11, T7N, R12W S.M.; Applicant: Kenai Peninsula Borough
SN 2002-04 4-22-02 Renaming Birch Park Drive to Icy Bay Drive; Location: Greenthumb Subdivision (HM 83-36) and Greenthumb No. 2 (HM 88-27), Section 6, T6S, R12W S.M; Applicant: Kenai Peninsula Borough