SN 2006-01

Public Hearings


Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S5, T5N, R8W; S13, T2N, R12W; S18, T3N, R11W; S20, T5N, R8W; S25, T5N, R10W; S29, T5N, R11W ; S30, T3N, R11W, SM, AK within ESN 302.   S4 & 9, T2S, R14W; S8, T2S, R13W; S15, T2S, R14W, SM, AK within ESN 451.

Renaming streets in ESN 302
Edgewood Avenue to Klijiah Avenue
Emily Circle to Inner Circle
Ermine Court to Kit Court
Ermine Way to Kennel Avenue
Evergreen Avenue to Chilly Paw Avenue
Fifth Avenue to Comer Avenue
Fifth Street to Discus Street

Renaming streets in ESN 451
Deep Street to Law Street
Deep Creek Avenue to Drill Avenue
Knoll Avenue and MacLaMore Circle to Tidal Knoll Road

SN 2006-02

Public Hearings


Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S7, T5N, R10W; S11, T3N, R12W; S13, T5N, R9W; S15 and 22, T2N, R12W; S19 and 30, T3N, R11W; S19, T5N, R11W; S20, T5N, R10W; S21 and 22, T5N, R10W; S22 and 23, T5N, R9W; S26, T5N, R8W; S26 and 27, T5N, R9W; S27, T5N, R8W; S29, T5N, R11W; S30, T3N, R11W; S30, T5N, R8W; S30, T5N, R11W, SM, AK within ESN 302.

First Avenue to Caughlin Avenue
First Avenue to Olympic Avenue
First Avenue to Hickel Avenue
First Street to Pasture Street
Second Avenue to MNM Avenue
Second Avenue to Enid Avenue
Second Street to Agriculture Street
Third Avenue to Sadie Lane
Third Avenue to Heine Berger Lane
Third Street to Farmstead Street
Fourth Avenue to Archie McLane Avenue
Fourth Avenue to Luybens Avenue
Fisherman Avenue to Fisherman's Road
Fishermans Avenue to Fisherman's Road
Fisherman's Drive to Fisherman's Road
Fisherman's Drive to Driftnetter Street
Francis Drive to Mufich Court
Fraser Avenue to Estaban Avenue
Frazier Court to Cotman Court
Frontage Road to WED Lane
Frontage Road to Kurt R Street
East Frontage Road to Compass Street
West Frontage Road to Navigator Street
Goodrich Street to Arms Street
Grayling Street to Brook Trout Street
King Salmon Drive to Grizzly Lane
Rainbow Street to Mykiss Street
Rainbow Street to James Street
Salmon Avenue to I Avenue
Silver Salmon Drive to Honeymoon Cove Street
Western Street to Frazier Road

SN 2006-03

Public hearing


Renaming a private road within Kenai River Keys Subdivision Amended (KN 92-44) In conjunction with the 911 Naming and Addressing Project with S35, T5N, R8W, SM, AK.  Location off of Humpy Road, Sterling area within ESN 302.
Renaming a private road in ESN 302

Rainbow Court to Mickeys Loop

SN 2006-04

Public hearings held 2/27/06


Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S2, 3, and 12 T2N, R12W; S3, 5, 6, 7, 20, 28, and 29, T3N, R11W; S1, 12, 25, 35, T3N, R12W; S2 and 33, T4N, R11W; S12, T4N, R12W; S2, 11, 12, 13, 17, 20, and 21 T5N, R8W; S19, 30 and31, T5N, R9W; S22 and 26, T5N, R10W ; S24, T5N, R11W, SM, AK within ESN 302.

King Salmon Place to Legends Circle
Gretchen Circle to Greta Circle
Grove Avenue to Watchtower Court
Grove Circle to Grove Court
Holly Circle to Goldstein Court
Homestead Street to Chestnut Street
Homestead Street to Shiak Street
Homestead Street to Barrel Stove Street
Husky Avenue to Akeve Avenue
Iliamna Street to Brillantes Street
Jones Avenue to Toombs Avenue
Jones Avenue to Edgar Avenue
Jones Street to Dayspring Street
Karen Lane to Adkins Road
Katy Court to Orphea Avenue
Kay Circle to RWC Circle
Kaye Way to Kayeway Road
King Street to Zackery Street
McKinley Avenue to Kahiltna Avenue
McKinley Avenue to Yentna Avenue
Mt. Katmai Avenue to Arctic Cat Avenue
Pollard Street to Reinheimer Street
St. Elias Avenue to Trident Avenue
St. Elias Avenue to Cocklin Avenue
Teal Avenue to Mud Duck Avenue
Teal Drive (southern segment) to Harlequin Street
Wilderness Avenue to Raptor Avenue
Wilderness Avenue to Dykstra Avenue
Wilderness Avenue to Ronnie Lee Avenue
Williwaw Court to Blough Court
Williwaw Lane to LT Daly Lane

SN 2006-05

Public Hearings


Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S2, T4N, R10W; S2, 14, 33, T4N, R11W; S2, 14 T2N, R12W; S2, 15, 17, T5N, R9W; S4, 6, 20, 21, 28, 29, 32, 33, T3N, R11W; S6, T2N, R11W; S10, 11, 35, T3N, R12W; S12, 29, 30, T5N, R8W, SM, AK within ESN 302; S1, T7N, R12W, SM, AK wotjom ESN 501; S27, T5N, R3W, SM, AK within ESN 801.

Renaming Streets in ESN 302
Lake Street to Lester Creary Lane
Lakeside Court to Trish Court
Lakeside Way to Naff Street
Lakeview Court to STOL Road
Lakeview Lane to Spruce Park Circle
Lakeview Terrace to Strauss Court
Laura Circle to Laura Jean Circle
Laura Road to Larry Avenue
Lauras Street to Mrs. Hendricks Street
Laurie Avenue to Grindstone Avenue
Lost Lane to Taza Way
Lynx Avenue est of the Stelring Hwy) to Casey Avenue
Lynx Avenue (west of the Stelring Hwy) to Marjorie Avenue
Lynx Avenue (off of Moose Street) to Bobcat Avenue
Mandy Street to Mandy Allison Circle
Marie Street to Annette Street
Mark Street to Garff Street
Panoramic Drive (west of the Sterling Hwy) to Nina Robinson Avenue
South Panoramic Drive to Crane Song Street
Robin Avenue to Flycatcher Avenue
Yukon Loop, Neelon Avenue, Teal Drive, Territorial Way, Neelon Street, and Pollard Street to Yukon Road
Yukon Loop to Territorial Road

Street renamed in ESN 501
Yukon Avenue to Hinchenbrook Way

Street renamed in ESN 801
Romig Alley Street to Romig Street

SN 2006-06

Public Hearing


Naming an unnamed private road within Howard Romig Etates Amended (SW 92-1), S27, T5N, R3W, SM, AK; located off Snug Harbor Road, Cooper Lanidng within ESN 801. 

Private road named Fat Blacky Street

SN 2006-07

Public Hearings


Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S5, T6S, R14W; S13, T5S, R12W; S18, T5S, R11W; S24, T5S, R12W, SM, AK w;ithin ESN 202.

Streets renamed in ESN 202
Langhus Avenue to Sundance Avenue
Langhus Drive to Mica Street
Langhus Way to Wyoh Way
Snoshoe Lane to Marmot Street

S2, T5S, R14W; S4 & 8, T3S, R14W; S4, T5S, R15W; S2 and 14, T4S, R14W; S9 & 15, T5S, R15W; S12, 13, 14, 15, 26, 27, 30, & 34, T4S, R14W; S34, T4S, R15W, SM, AK within ESN 401.

Dean Way to Deuce Avenue
East Avenue and West Avenue to Lifeboat Loop
East Road to Tim Avenue (also in ESN 451)
East Street to Tolstoi Street
Epperson Road to Celia Regina Road
Fern Lane to Stina Avenue
Fern Lane to Tassel Avenue
Kutafya Road to Czar Tower Avenue
Kutafya Road to Bookout Avenue
Meadow Avenue to Putter Avenue
Panoramic Road to Panorac Avenue
South Panoramic Road to Regal Street
Pioneer Road to Kedge Avenue
Pioneer Road to Explorer Court
Sandbeach Drive to Golf Drive

S4 & 5, T3S, R14W; S4, 9, and 16, T2S, R12W; S32 & 33, T2S, R14W, SM, AK within ESN 451.

Leman Street to Grassim Street
Starlight Street to Evening Street

SN 2006-08

Public hearing


Renaming a private road in a portin of Tract A within Meadow Court within Fireweed Meadows No. 1 AMENDED (HM 2005-7) and Tract A within Fireweed Meadows No. 2 (HM 2004-71), S4, T5S, R15W, SM, AK; Location:  South of Milo Fritz Avenue, Anchor Point area; within ESN 401.

Meadow Court to Chip Shot Court

SN 2006-09

Public Hearings


Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S5 & 20, T5N, R8W; S14, T4N, R11W; S18 & 19, T3N, R11W; S18, T2N, R11W; S24, T5N, R9W; S24, T5N, R110W; S26 & 34, T5N, R11W within ESN 302 AND S13, T7N, R12W, SM, AK within ESN 501.

Streets renamed in ESN 302
Matthew Avenue to Helen Avenue
Michael Avenue to Peggy Sue Dr
Miller Lane to Vicki's Way
Mink Drive to Sydney Ann Avenue
Minnesota Avenue to Roxi Street
Misty Court to Loud Court
Montgomery Street to Ivanhoe Street
Otter Lane to Kenaitze Avenue
Otter Trail to Otter Trail Road
Porcupine Avenue to Joker Avenue
Porcupine Drive to Daybreak Street
Wayne Avenue to Kara Megan Avenue

Street renamed in ESN 501
Mathew Circle to Zardeneta Court

SN 2006-10

Public Hearing 


Naming an unnamed private street adjoining Wildwood Corrections (KN 92- 73), S25, T6N, R12W, SM, AK, SM, AK; Location: Spitj pf Borgen Avenue, Kenai area; within ESN 501.

Unnamed private Street named Sixth Avenue

SN 2006-11

Public Hearings


Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S2, 3, 4, 21, & 27 T5N, R9W; S6, 7, & 26, T5N, R8W; S2, 10 & 25, T3N, R12W; S10, 15, 22, & 27, T4N, R11W; S17 & 35, T5N, R10W; S30, 31, & 32, T3N, R11W within ESN 302.

Linda Avenue to Sagerser Way
Moose Range Avenue to Jacobsen Avenue
Moose Range Street to Jacobsen Avenue
Moose Run Road to Bull Run Road
Moose Run Street to Naptowne Street
Mooseberry Court to Nugget Court
Nadine Drive to Kasilof River Road
River Road to Kasilof River Road
Nancy Court to Dwain Court
Ness Road (south and west of Cohoe Loop Rd) to Detling Avenue
Omega Road to Carlene Street
Pioneer Road to Pioneer Access Road
Primrose Court to Keith's Court
Ptarmigan Avenue to Abram Avenue
Raven Wood Place to Paris Street
Red Court to Ron Girard Court
River Avenue to Fellers Avenue
River Road (north) to Byington Road
River Road (south) to Kasilver Street
River Bend Drive (off of Runny River Road) - RETAINED
River Street to Motsy Street

Star Circle to Acton Circle
Taylor Avenue to Academic Avenue

SN 2006-12

Public Hearings


Renaming certain pubilc rights-of-way within S1, T2N, R12W; S1 & 22, T4N, R11W; S12, T4N, R12W; S7, 10, 15, 19, 20, & 28, T5N, R9W; S5, T5N, R10W; S31, T3N, R11W; S22, T5N, R11W, SM, AK within ESN 302.

Ridge Court to Goshawk Court
Ridge Street to Oliver Street
Ridge Street to Myplace Street
Robinson Court to Flower Avenue
Rose Avenue to Cade Avenue
Rose Avenue to Rochon Court
Rose Court to Lemadonja Court
Roy Circle to Torwick Circle
Royal Court to Savannah Bella Court
Rushmore Drive to Constitution Street
Ruth Avenue to Prairie Avenue
Ryan Street to Self Street
Sandy Lane to Tranquil Avenue
Short Court to Jane Clara Court
Skilak Street to Ronda Street
Tustumena Avenue to Tusty Avenue

SN 2006-13

Public Hearings


Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S1 & 2, T5N, R1OW; S3, T4N, R11W; S10 and 26, T3N, R12W; S1, 12, 13, 23, & 24 T5N, R9W; S19, T3N, R11W; S27, T5N, R8W, SM, AK within ESN 302.

River Bend Drive to Funny Moose Lane
Sockeye Circle to Cape Kasilof Circle
Sockeye Way (adjoining Slackwater Dr) to Canal Avenue
Sockeye Wayon Dow Island to Bonnet Avenue
Spring Court to Retired APD Court
Spring Street to Angler's Roost Street
Spur Drive to Diver Street
Strawberry Road to Honeybee Avenue
Summer Street to Solstice Street
Sunrise Lane to Misty Morning Avenue

SN 2006-14

Public Hearings


Naming and Renaming certain public right-of-way within S1 & 13, T2N, R12W; S3, 14 & 19, T5N, R9W; S7, 21, 22, & 27, T5N, R8W; S22 & 24, T5N, R10W; S23, T4N, R11W; S25, T4N, R12W; S3, 6 & 31, T3N, R11W, SM, AK within ESN 302.

Burns Street to Walker Street
Susie Avenue to Kokopelli Court
Tern Court to Musgrove Court
Terry Lane to Yoko Lane
Terry Street to Red Hill Street
Thomas Avenue to Fleckenstein Avenue
Timber Lane to Carpenter Lane
Timber Lane to LaCross Lane
Unnamed ADL 20281 to Grumpy Old Men Road
Unnamed travel way to Thorson Way

South View Avenue to LaCross Lane
Walker Street to Voyager Street
Wendy Court to Dilara Court
East Court to Camouflage Court
West Court to Permafrost Court
West Drive to Longmere Way

Willow Avenue to Frosty Foot Avenue
Willow Street to Cozy Firelight Street