SN 2007-01

Public Hearing 12/11/06


Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S1, T6S, R13W; S7 T5S R11W; S9, T5S, R12W; S22 & 27, T5S, R12W ; S25, T3S, R11W; S36, T5S, R13W Within ESN 202.

Stevens Street to Majestic Street.
Taylor Avenue to Clear Sight Avenue.
South Trail Court to Timber Bay Court.
Trail Drive to Roxie Drive.
Trapper Road to Antler Avenue.
Winsor Lane to Gamble Street.

Naming / Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S17, T5N, R9W; S17, T5N, R8W; S22, T5N, R11W ; S21 & 23, T2N, R12W; S35, T5N, R1OW within ESN 302.

Acacia Street to Hickory Street.
Unnamed to Archer Court.
Unnamed to Markalle Court.
Ciechanski Road to Winterpark Avenue.
East Redoubt Avenue to Donovan Avenue.
Reeder Avenue to Kunz Avenue.
Wiley Way to Just E Lane.

Naming certain public rights-of-way within S23, 24, 25 & 26, T4N, R7W within ESN  303.

Unnamed road to Andy Anderson Rem.
Unnamed road to Gene Smart Rem.
Unnamed road to Doc Savage Rem.
Unnamed road to Gary Marshall Rem.
Unnamed road to Coppock Rem.
Unnamed road to Essick Rem.
Unnamed road to Lahnum Rem.

Naming / Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S8, T3S, R14W; S26, T4S, R14W; S34 & 35, T4S, R15W within ESN 401.

Catch Up Street to Jayme Street.
Trail Road to Junction Avenue.
Trail Road to McConnell Avenue.
Unnamed road to Log Cabin Avenue.

Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S6 & 7, T2S, R13W ; S12, T2S, R14W; S15, T2S, R12W within ESN 451.

Brody Street to Brody Road.
Brody Street South to Smart Street.
Brody Street South to Cessna Street.
Wells Street to Resoff Street.

Naming a certain section line easement within S5 & 6, T9S, R14W AND S32 & 33, T8S, R14W within ESN 826.

Unnamed  road to Natures Gate Avenue.

Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S26, T3S, R11W AND S31, T1S, R13W within ESN 901.

Trapper Road to Antler Avenue.
Brody Street to Kinrod Street.
Brody Street to Brody Road.

SN 2007-02

Public Hearing 12/11/06


Naming the unnamed North / South private road along the western boundary of Parcel 131-460-11 within a deed parcel shown as status on Lake Land Subdivision No. 3 (KN 2002-115) and the East / West private road on the southern boundaries of Parcels 131-460-09 iwthin S22, T4N, R11W, SM, AK; located north of Tote Road, Soldtona area within ESN 302.

Unnamed to Julie Wall Street
Unnamed to Wellness Avenue

SN 2007-03

Public Hearing 4/23/07


Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S12, T7N, R12W, SM, AK within ESN 501. 

Stohl Rd to Koskela Rd
Helsinki Avenue to Koskela Rd
Viking Circle to Koskela Rd

SN 2007-04

Public Hearing


Renaming certain public rights-of-way within S1, T4N, R10W, SM, AK within ESN 302.

Grandiosa Drive to Chavez Dr

SN 2007-05

Public Hearing


Naming certain private right-of-way within S1, T2S, R14W, located within Mendendall Tracts (HM 200425); within ESN 451. 

Unnamed Private Dr to Jacks Run