The purpose of the 2022 Kenai Peninula Borough Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) update is to

  • provide a peninsula-wide scale of wildfire risk and protection needs,
  • bring together all responsible wildfire management and suppression entities in the planning area to address identified needs, and
  • provide a framework for future planning and implementation of necessary mitigation measures.

The 2022 CWPP aims to assist in protecting human life and reducing property loss due to wildfire throughout the KPB. Of note, this 2022 updated plan is the first peninsula-wide CWPP, using the All Lands All Hands approach developed in collaboration with citizens, non-government, government and Tribal entities that regularly met as a core team throughout the project performance period. The plan is compiled from reports, documents, data and the original 17 community-level CWPPs produced between 2006 and 2009. All versions of the CWPPs have been developed in response to the federal Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003

The plan is provided in whole or by sections listed below.The plan and the project story map may also be accessed at

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2022 KPB CWPP and Appendices

2022 KPB CWPP Executive Summary

2022 KPB CWPP Project Recommendations Matrix

2022 KPB CWPP Appendix A Project Background Information


2022 KPB CWPP Appendix B Wildfire Risk Assessment

2022 KPB CWPP Appendix C Core Team Members

2022 KPB CWPP Appendix D Community Risk Assessments

2022 KPB CWPP Appendix E NFPA 1144 Form

2022 KPB CWPP Appendix F Funding Sources

2022 KPB CWPP Appendix G Additional Resources

2022 KPB CWPP Appendix H Public Input, Outreach and Legislation

2022 KPB CWPP Appendix I Strategic Infrastructure Matrices

This publication was funded in part by the Kenai Peninsula Borough and the Alaska Division of Forestry Department of Natural Resources pursuant to U.S. Forest Service Award No. 2018-G11100106-810.