The Kenai Peninsula Borough (KPB) recognizes the importance of planning for special needs populations in times of emergency/disasters. These populations include individuals with needs that require daily assistance and who would be adversely affected by the interruption of services such as utilities, transportation, or daily professional care. The KPB and local city emergency plans and emergency services organizations have identified groups to be considered special populations for the purposes of emergency management planning including:

Children and Schools/Daycare Facilities
• People with Access and Functional Needs
• Correctional Facilities
• Seasonal Camps/Tourists
• Non-English speaking populations

As populations residing in the Borough at the time of an emergency or disaster, each of these groups poses a unique set of challenges for first responders and emergency management personnel. Regardless of the nature of the incident, of primary concern are the Alert/Warning, Evacuation, and Sheltering of these special needs groups.  

Ensuring you have a good plan in place will be crucial especially if evacuations and/or emergency sheltering is required. Supplies such as oxygen, pharmaceuticals, wheel chairs are all limited in the Kenai Peninsla Borough.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough has developed Annex 3 to the Emergency Operations Plan that is specific to the population that has special needs especially during a disaster.

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