KPB Alerts provides critical information during emergencies by making telephone calls, sending text messages, and posting on social media to residents in the affected area.  To receive alerts, register your mobile phone number(s) with your home address.


Step 1:  Verify your home address
Visit the KPB Assessing page and search by owner name, address, or street to verify your address.  This ensures the system recognizes the correct location when an emergency occurs.


Step 2:  Create a Managed Account
By using Google, Facebook, Twitter, or creating your own username, creating a managed account allows you to login to the system later to add or update any of your mobile phone numbers.  If you don't wish to sign up an account, simply select the 'No' option and proceed with the registration process.


Step 3:  Enroll your mobile phone numbers
Now Paste your legal address that you received in step 1 into the next screen and enter all of the telephone numbers you wish to associate with that address.  You may enter e-mail addresses only if you wish to receive e-mail notifications, which may not be used for all types of alerts.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.