Central Emergency Services Station #1 is the primary response location for all of Soldotna. It also provides secondary coverage for the entire service area. In addition, Station #1 is headquarters to the four CES substations that serve the unincorporated communities of Ridgeway, Sterling, Kalifornsky, Kasilof, and Funny River.

CES station #1 is the busiest fire station on the Kenai Peninsula, providing over 3,000 responses annually to over 25,000 residents not including the summer influx of visitors to state and national forests. It also provides emergency response services on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, and supports emergency responses with neighboring emergency service areas. Additionally, CES supports Wildland fire operations to the Alaska Division of Forestry and provides auto-aid to the City of Kenai.

The original building was constructed in 1956 as a community hall. Sometime between 1964-1967 an addition was included to serve the volunteer fire department. A major remodel was completed in 1973 and the latest expansion to it's current size was in 1983.

The current facility has major deficiencies and damages that require significant repairs and improvements. This includes structural repairs, and increased square footage to support equipment and supply storage needs.



Need & Purpose

  • Station 1 does not have enough storage or space for the operational and logistical needs of our department:
    • Storage in Station 1 is not sufficient for the station itself , but is utilized to house the medical supplies and equipment for all CES fire stations.
  • The living space is limited for first responders. Quarters are cramped, and female responders do not have alternate living or changing areas.
  • Station #1 was designed for a call volume of 300-400 calls for service per year. The current call volume is now over 3,000 responses per year. 70% of those responses are from Station #1. The need for ambulance and fire response vehicles has exceeded the ability to adequately store and house the vehicles. As a result, the vehicles are spread throughout the CES response area, extending response times or reducing life of equipment through housing items outdoors.
  • Training space is insufficient for the continuing educational needs of its first responders.
  • Space has to be rented on an on-going basis to ensure training requirements are met.
  • There is no public meeting space.
    • The current station does not allow for public meetings due to lack of space.
  • The facility requires significant structural repairs that are costly.


1964: Volunteers constructing original living quarters. Still in use today.


  • Service areas needs have outgrown the current Station 1 and its capability for expansion. Despite additions in 1973 and 1984, the current site and building have reached their maximum potential.
  • CES Station #1 is a primary or secondary station for over 70% of all calls. An emergency call in your area, even if another CES staffed fire station is near you, will often require additional response equipment/vehicles which is dependent on CES Station#1’s ability to respond.
  • A site has been identified and land has been procured to start building the station.
  • The estimated cost is $16.5 Million, however, the hope is to build the facility for less than this amount.
  • The estimated construction phase is expected to take approximately 24+ months.
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  • $900,000 FUNDED by the CES Service Area Board and Borough Assembly in July 2019 for land acquisition.
  • $1M FUNDED by the CES Service Area Board and Borough Assembly in July 2021 for design and construction.
  • $16.5M bond package on the OCTOBER 4, 2022 General Election ballot.


  • Expected to be constructed on multiple parcels of land located on the corner of Wilson Lane and Warehouse Drive.
  • Located in Soldotna, to best meet current and future response needs.
  • Properties are adjacent to the current Office of Emergency Management building.


  • ~20,000 sf building footprint with two floors in the main building.
  • First floor administration and operations. Second floor living and training space.
  • ~10,000 sf garage bay.
  • Covered parking area for boats and other seasonal response items.


  • Land procurement mid to late August, 2022.
  • Bond approval in the Kenai Peninsula Borough General Election on October 4, 2022.
  • 24+ months to complete.

 CES station1 stages