Free Book, DVD and CD-ROM for Waterfront Property Owners!

Are you a waterfront property owner with questions about the best way to protect your property from bank trampling and excessive erosion? Have you wondered how you can help to safeguard the river - and the salmon - that you love? The Kenai River Center can help!

OnTheCoastCoverSmall On the Coast provides an introduction to property management along the coastal region. It is a companion to On the River for our coastal property owners. You can download the book here (large download).
OnTheRiverCoverSmall On the River provides an introduction to waterfront property management. It will guide you through the basics of developing a plan for your property, taking into consideration your location, the level of use you plan for and the goals you hope to achieve. You will learn how to manage your property to protect both your investment and the natural resources that make it such a special place. There are chapters on river dynamics, wetlands, floodplains, choosing your building site, wells and groundwater, living with wildlife, laws property owners should be aware of and more. Full-color illustrations and photographs accompany each section. You can download the book here (large download).

DVD Cover

Our 26-minute DVD provides a general introduction to river dynamics and riverfront property management. It guides property owners through the basics of developing a plan for your property investment, taking into consideration:

- Your location on the river (a high outside bend, a straight reach next to a popular fishing hole, or a quiet, sheltered area?)

- The level of use you plan for (are you there only a couple weeks a year, or running a year-round B&B?)

- The goals you hope to achieve (major restoration or just protecting what is already there?)

CD Cover

Our CD-ROM explores restoration and access methods in more detail. Short video clips discuss each method and help you decide what is appropriate for your project. You will learn the basic techniques involved in installing spruce tree revetments, brush layering and root wads. "Step by Step" instructions for each method can also be downloaded and printed from the CD-ROM.

In addition, you will learn some basics about floodplains, wetlands, high bluffs and determining the Ordinary High Water mark.

Stairways, floating docks and walkways are discussed, as is the permitting process and financial programs that are available to assist you with bank restoration and protection projects.