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The Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation (Alaska State Parks) Kenai River Office issues permits for the building of structures (i.e., roads, buildings, bank restoration, floating docks, walkways etc,) in the Kenai River Special Management Area and the State Park units of the Kenai Peninsula, Kachemak Bay, and Prince William Sound.

The permitting staff also issues non-competitive park use permits for commercial activities in the State Park units. Water taxis, flight seeing tours, fishing guides, white water rafting, kayak tours, back country hiking, and boat rentals are just a few of the businesses that operate in the State Parks of the Kenai Peninsula and Prince William Sound.

View the Kenai River Special Management Area enabling legislation:

AS 41.21.502. Kenai River Special Management Area Established
AS 41.21.504. Designation of Management Responsibilities
AS 41.21.506. Comprehensive Management Plan; Regulations

View the Kenai River Special Management Area regulations:

11 AAC 20.850. Use of Weapons
11 AAC 20.855. Aircraft
11 AAC 20.857. Snowmobiles
11 AAC 20.860. Boat Motor Use
11 AAC 20.861. Boat Specifications
11 AAC 20.862. Boating Methods
11 AAC 20.865. Non-Motorized Areas
11 AAC 20.867. Personal Watercraft
11 AAC 20.870. Boating and Aircraft Speed Limits
11 AAC 20.875. Water Skiing
11 AAC 20.880. Camping
11 AAC 20.885. Kenai River Guide Permits11 AAC 20.890. Boat Rentals
11 AAC 20.910. Horse Use in Kenai State Parks
11 AAC 20.918. Recreational Gold Panning in Kenai State Parks

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