The KPB Resource Planning Department consists of the following  borough divisions; Planning & Platting Divisions; Land Management Division, Geographic Information Services and the Donald E. Gilman River Center

The Planning & Platting Divisions of the Resource Planning Department provides professional advice and information to the Planning Commission, Borough Assembly and other departments for the purpose of assisting in the ongoing socioeconomic development of the Borough.  It oversees all planning, zoning and platting powers on an areawide basis within the rural district of the borough.  The department provides information and assistance to other municipalities, local community groups, and the general public regarding subdivision regulations, local option zoning, land use regulations and land use planning.

The Planning & Zoning Division is now based out of the Donald E. Gilman River Center while Platting Division is based at 144 N Binkley Street, Soldotna, Alaska 99669


2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan

2030 Seward Comprehensive Plan Update - Volume 1

Kenai Peninsula Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plant - Draft (July 2019)

Kenai Peninsula Borough Comprehensive Plan 2019

KPB Code of Ordinances

Local Option Zoning

Material Site Working Group Final Recommendations

Ordinance 2014-02 - Subdivision Title 20 (enacted 02/11/14)

Planning Commission Meetings

Title 21 - Zoning



Building/Construction Permit Information

Conditional Land Use Permit Application (for new and modified projects)

Counter Permit Application

Planning Department Information

 Variance Application for Gravel Pits and Local Option Zones