Thank You Kenai Peninsula!

The heart of the Kenai Peninsula is its people, their lifestyle, and the ways they connect with the lands. The public responded to the KPB with great enthusiasm, conviction, and heart on questions of what public lands the borough should pursue under its municipal entitlement land grant and what uses are important to consider in the management of those public lands.. The support received from individuals as well as special interest groups and other government agencies was strong and effective. The comments received helped to create a vision for life on the peninsula. A vision for land selections and a vision for land use planning, both now and in the future. The people of the Kenai Peninsula assisted in the creation of “A Lands of Local Importance Vision” (ALLIV).

This selection of 27,000 acres completes the acquisition of state land through municipal entitlement. The public process however, does much more than that. It draws a picture of our home, our families, our communities, our residents, and our lives here on the peninsula. It creates a vision, ALLIV on the Kenai.

On July 2nd the KPB Assembly passed Resolution 2013-054 with a vote of unanimous support.

Upon completion of the state adjudication process KPB will begin its own classification process under KPB Chapter 17.10. This includes an additional public process; to determine the most appropriate classification and use of the land for the borough and its communities. The public comments received through our on line survey in January and February 2013 identified a total of 4,398 land uses. The public identified which land uses they considered appropriate to include in land management planning, what lands within our borough boundary are currently being used for, and what the needs of the community are, both now and in the future. This public opinion is vital to the KPB as we strive to be effective, responsible stewards of the land. It is vital to understand the varied uses, needs, and opportunities that lay within our landscape.

Thank you for sharing your vision, for your assistance in confirmation of these needs, and identification of specific lands that are important to you. The information and communication that has been established as a very important building block as we move toward land use planning on the Kenai Peninsula.

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