Each selection requested by KPB will be reviewed by the State for consistency within existing policy and state statute A.S. 29.65.050(c). The State adjudicates each selection and makes a recommendation to approve, deny or conditionally approve the selection.

To accomplish the first step the State initiates an Interagency Review. This allows agencies (Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, Parks and Rec, Transportation, etc.) to have the opportunity to review the selection and make comments.

The second step includes the public notice as required by AS 38.05.945 where the State of Alaska issues a Preliminary Decision. This notice invites public comment. A public notice will be posted in two locations, one of which is the State of Alaska web site. Only those persons who provide commentary on the Preliminary Decision are eligible to participate in the fourth step.

The third step includes the State reviewing the comments received in the second step prior to issuing a Final Finding and Decision formally rejecting or approving the selections.

The fourth step includes the State of Alaska issuing a Final Finding and Decision. This decision identifies what lands are conveyed to the borough and what lands the state retains. The Final Finding and Decision process provides a short period of time that allows for an eligible person or persons to request a reconsideration or stay of the Final Finding to the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources. If reconsideration is not requested the Final Finding and Decision stands and goes into effect, thus transferring to the borough management authority of those lands conveyed.

The State has segregated the Kenai Peninsula Borough into 12 separate Kenai Area Plan (KAP) Regions. The follow KAP Regions have received a recent decision:

KAP REGIONS 2, 3, 6, & 7
Seward Highway from the Hope “Y” through Moose Pass to Seward and a portion of Resurrection Bay, and that area from Kasilof south including Clam Gulch, Ninilchik, Anchor Pont, Homer to the head of Kachemak Bay.
Final Finding and Decision Issued February 24, 2015
Corresponding Maps by Region:
KAP Region 2 - Hope “Y” to Summit
KAP Region 2 - Moose Pass
KAP Region 3 - Seward
KAP Region 6 - Kasilof to Clam Gulch
KAP Region 7 - Clam Gulch to Anchor Point
KAP Region 7 - Anchor Point to Kachamak Bay 
Copy of Final Decision

KAP REGIONS 1, 5, 8, & 9 
Hope, Point Possession to Kenai River, Upper Kachemak Bay & Fox River Flats, Southside Kachemak Bay & Chugiak Islands
Final Finding and Decision Issured January 23,2015
Corresponding Maps by Region:
KAP Region 1 – Hope (Including Sunrise and Turnagain Pass)
KAP Region 5 – Coastal Plain from Point Possession to Kenai River

KAP Region 8 – Upper Kachemak Bay and Fox River Flats

KAP Region 9 – South Side Kachemak Bay and Chugiak Islands 
Copy of Final Decision

KAP Region 4
Cooper Landing Final Decision issued July 30, 2014
Final Decision with Special Exception to the Kenai Area Plan 
Final Decision Map