Lands of Local Importance Vision (ALLIV) for Finalization of the Kenai Peninsula Borough’s Municipal Entitlement Land Grant

The KPB Land Management Division is working with the State, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mining, Land and Water in the selection process.  The State of Alaska has a process in place which must be followed in order to receive municipal entitlement lands.

There have been multiple applications made by KPB to the State of Alaska for municipal entitlement lands over the past 45 years.  KPB has identified the “A Lands of Local Importance” that are currently selected.  KPB is pursuing the conveyance of these previously selected lands at this time.  Once these lands have been conveyed KPB will be in a position to make new selections and further discuss with the state the remainder of lands identified in Resolution 2013-054.

Standing on a strong and healthy public process, supported by clear objectives, and working within the framework provided by the State, Resolution 2013-054 was presented and passed by the KPB Assembly in a unanimous decision. This Resolution provides a vehicle to attain the vision that has been set forth for our municipal land, one that has come to be called “A Lands of Local Importance Vision”.

A tremendous process to identify lands of local importance has taken place over the last year involving broad participation from the residents of the Kenai Peninsula, local, state federal agencies, and other community representation. A large number of interest groups have stepped forward to voice the importance of public lands for a wide variety of uses, and many have articulated the characteristics of public land management that they desire, value and expect from municipal public lands.

As the Kenai Peninsula Borough is entrusted to provide stewardship of municipal public lands to serve long-term local interests, it is vitally important that borough is both concise and considerate in its application of the finite land grant that it received under the Mandatory Borough Act some 45 years ago. Best efforts of many have gone into presenting this proposal to appropriately finalize the Kenai Peninsula Borough’s Municipal Entitlement land grant.

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