Opioid Settlement Fund Grant Program

In response to the receipt of funds from the Opioid Settlements that were distributed through the State of Alaska to the Kenai Peninsula Borough, the Kenai Peninsula Borough established the Opioid Settlement Fund Grant Program through Ordinance 2021-19-50. This grant program is established with the intent to bridge gaps in funding from federal and state funding while also supporting Opioid Remediation efforts designed to address misuse and abuse of opioid products, treat or mitigate opioid use or related disorders, and/or mitigate other effects of the opioid epidemic.

This grant program is limited to no more than five grants. This limit is regardless of the amount of funding provided through settlement funds. Should more than five applicants submit for funding, a committee of five members will be established by the Grants Administrator and the applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:




Budget and Project Narratives


Addressing a need not funded through other federal or state sources


Number of communities served


Service to low-income individuals or disadvantaged communities


Ingenuity, new ideas and forward thinking


Total points

The total funding available this current year is $170,458.58 and has been appropriated by the assembly. It will be divided into equal parts by the number of accepted grantees who submit their applications to this program.

How to apply for OSFG Funds:

Complete the application linked below
Submit the following documentation with the application:

  1. Applicable license information
  2. State registration and license information
  3. IRS EIN and/or nonprofit status information
  4. Tribal entities must include a resolution indicating a Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
  5. Nonprofit Entities must include current Alaska Biennial Reports. Obtain a current biennial report at https://www.commerce.alaska.gov/cbp/main/search/entities
  6. Certificate of Insurance naming KPB as Additional Insured
  1. Applications are due by 4PM on March 15, 2024.      Send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.