The Road Service Area will have contractors performing paving repairs on portions of Skyline Drive, Murwood Avenue, and Sports Lake Road. Paving repairs will be completed no later than June 30th, 2019.

Skyline Drive will be closed from from the mailboxes at the top of the hill to lincoln Avenue. Roosevelt Avenue and Lincoln Avenue will be used as the detour route while repairs are under way. The exact date and time of closure will be posted at a later time.

We will provide more details on the repairs on Murwood Avenue and Sports Lake Road in the near future.


The RSA's calcium chloride budget was decreased by 25%. Calcium chloride will be used to address maintenance concerns.

The main priority will be high traffic roads, large hills, curves, and intersections. 


Snow removal averages between 1 and 1.5 miles per hour to plow. Back to back snow events and excessive accumulation can slow the process down further. The RSA has five regions; central, east, north, south and west. Each region is divided into operational units. Each unit has between 20 and 37 miles of maintained roads. Contracts require one motor grader and sander for every operational unit.

Contractors are instructed to alternate their starting location when possible.

Callouts for winter maintenance require continuous monitoring of weather conditions.

In order to manage the operational budget and standardize services through the Borough, the RSA attempts to plow when snow depth reaches 6-inches. This number will vary due to the weight of snow, upcoming weather conditions, drifting, etc.

Due to the high operational cost of applying sand, generally sand is used only on steep hills, approaches, curves, and intersections.

During severe winter rain events, serration and sanding are not effective until the rain subsides. This can delay maintenance response time.


In the majority of operational units, a snow gate is required on all motorgraders to minimize snow berms left in private driveways.  Snow gates are not used if a driveway remains unplowed during the winter.  


It is illegal to plow snow into the roads, ditches and right-of-ways from private property. Illegal plowing can cause damage to snow removal equipment, creates safety hazards due to obstructing visibility and incurs an extra cost by taxpayers. In addition, residents are reminded to inform children of the danger of playing in snow piles and berms near roadways. Operators of heavy equipment used in snow removal may have difficulty seeing children.