REAL PROPERTY: Real property consists of the land and everything placed on the land; these are called improvements and may be such things as: houses, mobile homes, outbuildings, barns, sheds, etc. These improvements are valued by the appraiser. This is a year-round function of the Assessor's office.

ASSESSMENT NOTICES: Real Property assessment notices are mailed March 1 each year.  This notice will advise you of your current year valuation and as well as any amount that is exempted. If you do not agree with the valuation, you have 30 days in which to file a written appeal to the Board of Equalization. Prior to filing a formal appeal, property owners are encouraged to first speak to a member of the appraisal staff. Many times an adjustment can be reached before an appeal is necessary. State Statutes and Kenai Peninsula Borough Code require property to be assessed at its full and true value as of January 1 of each assessment year.

TAX PAYMENTS: Taxes are payable when billed. The tax bills are mailed July1 and are due in full on or before October 15. At the option of the taxpayer, taxes may be paid in two equal installments. If the taxpayer elects this option, the first one-half of the taxes must be paid on or before September 15. The second one-half taxes then becomes due on or before November 15 and becomes delinquent thereafter. If the first one-half of the taxes is not paid by September 15th, payment of the taxes in full becomes due on or before October 15.