Open 24 Hours a Day


Location & Permits
The PGL is located on the northwest side of the village of Port Graham on First St. within Sec. 33, T9S, R15W, S.M., AK. The current ADEC permit, SW3A039-17, expires in March 2017.

The Port Graham Townsite Trustees issued a Trustee Permit to the Borough in 1977 for the indefinite use of 4 acres of this 280-acre Native owned parcel for landfill activities. It serves about 180 year round residents. The site’s close proximity to homes coupled with its small size has prompted the community and the Borough to search new potential sites since the 1990’s. In 2010 the Borough contracted with a professional consultant to perform a feasibility study of a 160-acre privately owned parcel for sale. Unfortunately, the study concluded there were too many costly surface water issues to make this a viable option.

Site improvements were performed in 2007 including the manufacture and installation of the burn box and Homer Baling Facility staff expanding the site perimeter along the northwest edge by relocating the existing fence.

An Operator under contract to the Borough operates the site. The Operator is responsible for supplying the equipment, manpower and supplies necessary to perform all operations and maintenance of the landfill in a safe and orderly manner. Contracted services include, but are not limited to, conducting litter clean up, managing burn box operations, compacting and covering waste on a regular basis, snow removal, and access road maintenance. Inert waste is stockpiled separately from the municipal solid waste to save landfill space. Borough staff and equipment barge this waste to the Homer Transfer Facility on an as needed basis. This unattended site is open 24 hours a day. An estimated 300 cubic yards of landfill capacity is consumed annually with a projected life of 8-9 more years.

Aluminum cans and plastics PETE #1 and HDPE #2 are collected and hauled out with the inert waste efforts.

There is no environmental monitoring of this site.

Fees are not charged because there is no attendant on duty to inspect waste items or collect fees.