June 26, 2017 Planning Commission Meeting


Notice is hereby given that an application to vacte a utility easement in Anchor Point has been received by the Planning Department of the Kenai Peninsula Borough. In accordance with Chapter 20 of the Borough Code of Ordinances, all owners of properties within a 300-foot radius must be notified of the proposed vacation. According to Borough records, you are an owner of property within that radius or you are an affected party.  Location:  Vacate the 10-foot utility easement both sides of the northern boundary of Lot 1-B and the 10-foot utility easement centered on the underground power line granted by Hollywood Subdivision Glasgow Replat (HM 2009-25) within SW1/4SW1/4, Section 14, Township 4 South, Range 15 West, Seward Meridian, north of Whiskey Gulch Street, Anchor Point and the Kenai Peninsula Borough; KPB File. No. 2017-065V.  NOTE: The 20-foot utility easement centered on the existing overhead power line will remain in place.  Purpose as stated in petition: Lot lines are being vacated and not all adjacent easements are in use or will be necessary for future utilities. Replacement easement needed by affected utilities will be granted as requested.   Petitioner:   Geraldine Johnson (aka Geri Glasgow) of Anchor Point, Alaska.   Plat     Sketch     Aerial     Vicinity Map


Public notice that a peittion to vacate a public easement in the Homer area has been received.  Vacate the north 10 feet of the existing 20-foot wide alley easement along the south boundary of Lots 115 and 116 as dedicated on Bay View Subdivision, Plat HM 0000839. The alley easement being vacated is unconstructed and located within the SW1/4 SW1/4 of S21, T06S, R13W, SM, AK, and within the KPB. File 2017-062V. Purpose as stated in petition:   Unused alley, no need for its existence.  Petitioners: John Rummery, AK Power Sports & Floyd C. Newkirk, Augustine Services, LLC of Homer, AK.     Plat     Aerial     Vicinity Map


Public Hearing Notice for a Limited Marijuana Cultivation Facility license application in the Kalifornsky area. Applicant: Green Thumb Solutions. Landowner: Jacob Nyman. Parcel Number: 055-081-65; Property Description: Lot 5, Block 2, Ashton Park Subdivision, according to Plat 97-74, Kenai Recording District. Location: 47375 Aries Ct., Soldotna.     Maps


Resolution 2017-21; Conditional land use permit for material extraction on a parcel in the Sterling area. Applicant: Granite Construction Inc.; Landowner: Robert Eshleman; Parcel Number: 065-322-29. Legal Description: Lot 4, El Rancho Costa Plente Subdivision, according to Plat 99-57, Kenai Recording District. Location:   28691Sterling Highway, immediately east of Card Street. Proposed Land Use: The applicant wishes to obtain a permit for gravel extraction on a portion of the 57.96 acre parcel listed above.    Aerial     Site Plan      Land Use Map     Ownership Map    


Resolution 2017-17; Public Hearing Notice for an application for a Conditional Use Permit has been received to install a fish passage culvert at an unnamed stream (stream #247-20-10050-2025) adjacent to State of Alaska (SOA) 1061 Road within the Borough’s 50-foot Habitat Protection District near Tyonek, Alaska.  Petitioner:  State of Alaska Division of Forestry


Resolution 2017-18; Public Hearing Notice for an application for a Conditional Use Permit has been received to install a bridge over an unnamed stream (#244-30-10010-2036) located is located at 0.5 mile on Knackstedt Road, approximately 1000-feet easterly along the Enstar right-of-way (ROW) within the Borough’s 50-foot Habitat Protection District near Soldotna, Alaska.   Petitioner:  Kenai Watershed Forum


Resolution 2017-20.  Public notice is hereby given that an application for a Conditional Use Permit has been received to replace Quartz Creek Bridge on Quartz Creek Road. This project is within the Borough’s 50-foot Habitat Protection District.  Pursuant to KPB 21.18.081(B)(5) Transportation and utility infrastructure and KPB 21.18.091 Mitigation Measures, projects within the Habitat Protection District are not permitted unless a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is approved by the Planning Commission. This project is located on the left and right banks of Quartz Creek on Quartz Creek Road near Cooper Landing, Alaska.  Petitioner: Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities


July 17, 2017 Planning Commission Meeting


Public Notice of Proposed Land Classification:  Pursuant to Kenai Peninsula Borough (KPB) Code of Ordinances, Chapter 17.10.080, the borough proposes to classify 66.5 acres± of borough land lying approximately 8 miles east of the community of Cooper Landing at mile 40 of the Sterling Highway and specifically located within Sections 10,15,16, T5N, R2W, S.M., Alaska, as Recreational. Public notice is sent to all landowners and/or leaseholders within a one-half mile radius of the land that is proposed to be classified, applicable agencies, and interested parties. The Borough encourages you to review the proposed land classification and submit written comments. Maps showing the subject land are available at the KPB Planning Department public counter or on the borough’s web site under Public Notices at http://www.kpb.us/planning-dept/public-notices.  Petitioner:  Cooper Landing Advisory Planning Commission.  Map     Definitions