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Location & Permits
The HMF is located at Mile 169.3 Sterling Highway, 3.5 miles northwest of downtown Homer in Sec. 15, T6S, R14W, S.M., AK. ADEC Permit, SWZA011-18, expires in August 2018.

The site was established by the Borough in 1979 as a landfill and converted to a balefill in 1983. Site specific studies in the 1990’s identified several long term alternatives for waste management in the Homer area. The Borough determined that construction of a transfer facility in Homer and waste transfer to the Central Peninsula Landfill, identified as a future regional landfill, was the long term plan for waste management from this area. Timing of the landfill closure and transition to a transfer facility was dependent upon multiple factors including funding, ADEC permit period expiration and groundwater quality concerns. The Homer Monofill Facility began operating in 2013 and inert waste is currently being placed over the existing footprint of the former landfill that was not filled to capacity at the time of transition to a transfer facility. The site sits on roughly 90 acres of Borough owned land with half of the acreage associated with the old landfill, Homer Monofill, Homer Transfer Facility and buffer property. It serves a population of 10,000 residents of the southern peninsula from Anchor Point to all communities along Kachemak Bay.

No contracted construction was required since the areas to be utilized were already well established.

An Operator under contract to the Borough operates the site in conjunction with the Homer Transfer Facility. The Operator is responsible for supplying the equipment, manpower and supplies necessary to perform all operation and maintenance of the monofill in a safe and orderly manner. Contract services include monitoring activities during operating hours, conducting litter cleanup, snow removal, access road maintenance and managing the monofill.

The monofill accepts inert waste such as appliances, scrap metal, junk vehicles, construction/demolition (C/D) and some landscaping/wood (L/W). Wood wastes received at the site are burned several times a year. Refrigerators and freezers are either placed in the Homer Monofill or stockpiled at the Homer Transfer Facility and shipped to recycle markets after refrigerants are removed. The removal and hauling of junk vehicles is the sole responsibility of the Operator.   

Operational hours are Monday through Saturday 8:00 am to 5:45 pm and Sunday from Noon to 4:00 pm. An estimated 5,000 to 6,000 cubic yards is consumed annually with a projected life of 20-30 more years. 

Borough staff samples seven groundwater monitoring wells around the site perimeter bi-annually and surface water from Diamond Creek annually, both in accordance with the ADEC permit. The Operator screens for hazardous and other types of waste for exclusion. 

Homer Monofill has one commercial disposer scale which is located on a separate access road from that of Homer Transfer Faicility public access. Currently, charges are limited to a small number of large commercial vehicles for specific waste items based on tonnage. Smaller commercial vehicles continue to be charged by volume although a future goal is to charge all commercial vehicles by the tonnage. Both have a 300 cubic yard limit per job. Fees also apply to the hazardous waste management of Conditional Exempt Small quantity Generators waste. Households are not charged fees. See "User Fees" for a list of currently accepted materials and rates. 


Waste Segregation