ANCHOR POINT Old Sterling Hwy past Anchor River Inn Grocery Store
COOPER LANDING Mile 44 Sterling Highway
CROWN POINT Mile 24 Seward Highway
FUNNY RIVER Mile 10 Funny River Road
HOPE Mile 16 Hope Road

Mile 110.5 Sterling Highway


MCNEIL CANYON Mile 12.5 East End Road
NINILCHIK Mile 138.5 Sterling Highway


Since adoption of the Borough's Solid Waste Comprehensive Plan in 1991, the Borough has consolidated and/or upgraded numerous Solid Waste Transfer Sites resulting in a manageable hauling program. The Borough currently maintains eight year-round, unmanned sites at Anchor Point, Cooper Landing, Crown Point, Hope, Funny River, Kasilof, Ninilchik and McNeil Canyon. See "Solid Waste Locations Listing" on page 5 for individual locations.

Depending on the time of year, anywhere from two to four 40-cubic yard containers are located at the sites for MSW disposal with additional 30-cubic yard containers for recyclable items.

Haulers under contract to the Borough are responsible for transporting the containers and disposing the contents at the CPL or HTF in a safe and efficient manner. They also provide a roving attendant working on an alternating schedule to monitor disposal activities and keep each site neat, clean and free of litter.

Site Issues
Improper disposal and vandalism are frequent problems at all of the unattended sites. Prohibited items, including hazardous waste, get disposed or dumped on the ground, signs destroyed, and containers burned. Some of the sites have also had occasional bear problems. In an effort to resolve these issues and ensure safety, the Borough has installed fences, gates, bear-proof containers and surveillance cameras at most of the sites.

Gates and fencing have been installed at all of the sites except Funny River, which, due the nature of the site itself, is not practical or cost effective. Gates are opened and closed by the contractor with daily hours of 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. at Cooper Landing, Kasilof and Ninilchik from May through September. The rest of the gated sites are open 24/7 all year unless specific site or community needs require limited access. Similarly, all sites are open 24/7 in the winter or as needed.

Bear problems at some of the sites has escalated over the years since 2001. Fortunately, most of these issues have been eliminated by the following measures: installing bear resistant modified containers at the sites, daily site clean-up and the prompt closing and opening of the containers and gates.

Additionally, surveillance cameras were installed in 2009 at all the sites except Hope, which will be added as funds allow. The cameras help provide live feedback on site activities.