Rural Landfills Overview


Class III landfills are defined as landfills that are not connected by a road to a Class I landfill, or if connected by road, is located more than 50 miles from a Class I landfill, and accepts less than five tons per day of MSW. The KPB oversees the operations of five Class III rural landfills: Beluga, Nanwalek, Port Graham, Seldovia, and Tyonek. Each is unique and comes with the challenges of geographic location and community compliance and involvement.

Location Issues
The KPB does not own land in Port Graham, Nanwalek, or Tyonek and has had to lease Native land for landfill use. Over the years each of these villages has expressed interest in relocating their existing landfills. However, land option constraints coupled with gridlock negotiations with the Native corporations and local residents has left potential progress at a stalemate. Until other suitable sites can be found and negotiations agreed upon, the KPB and these communities agree that remaining at the existing locations is the best solution for current waste management.

Waste Minimization – Burn Boxes
All of the rural landfills utilize burn boxes. This is known as a “waste minimization technique” and reduces MSW required for burial by an estimated 25%. Burning is strictly controlled in amounts of less than five cubic yards and includes items such as cardboard, paper, and small quantities of wood waste.

RRL is currently the only rural landfill with a recycling program.

Hazardous Waste
In 1995 the KPB and Chugachmuit funded the construction of small sheds in Nanwalek and Port Graham to temporarily store hazardous waste materials such as used oil and vehicle batteries that cannot be disposed of in the landfill.

The Solid Waste Department holds an annual HWCP event in Seldovia. The hazardous waste in the sheds at Nanwalek and Port Graham are shipped out on an as-needed basis by Solid Waste staff. No hazardous waste is collected at Beluga or Tyonek; the industrial corporations in these areas are responsible for disposing of their own hazardous wastes.

Disposal Fees
Fees are not charged at the unattended landfills - Nanwalek, Port Graham, and Tyonek - because there is no attendant on duty to inspect waste items or collect fees. Beluga and Seldovia do not have commercial disposer scales, so commercial vehicles are charged for specific waste items based on volume. Households are not charged disposal fees. Fees apply to the hazardous waste management of very small quantity generator waste in Seldovia from small businesses; households are free.