The Boroughs hazardous waste disposal program gives households and small businesses the opportunity to properly dispose of hazardous wastes and chemicals. Improper disposal can contaminate water supplies, cause explosions and/or fires, and poses a serious threat to waste disposal workers. A schedule listing time and locations is listed below.

Businesses are required to pre-register with Emerald Alaska, Inc., the KPB’s contractor, at 1-877-375-5040 one week prior to a disposal date. Fees are charged only for commercial disposers (check or credit card only - cash is not accepted). There is no charge for waste from households, however, homeowners with more than 55 gallons (equivalent to one drum) of waste must also pre-register with Emerald Alaska, Inc. The homeowner/generator of the waste shall not deliver waste from other homeowners unless the total volume of all the waste being delivered is less than 55 gallons. If the 55 gallon amount is exceeded, approval from Emerald Alaska Inc. must be obtained prior to disposal and documentation must be provided at the time of disposal stating waste type and each generator's name and phone number.  There is a 3 drum limit per household per year.

Most fluorescent and HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps contain mercury vapor inside the bulb. Based on the mercury content in the lamp vapor, these unbroken lamps can be classified as hazardous waste and cannot be disposed in a Borough landfill. Fluorescent bulbs from homeowners and small businesses are accepted daily at the Central Peninsula Landfill and Homer Transfer Facility at a limit of 10 bulbs per month.  Bulbs can also disposed through the Borough's hazardous waste disposal program.

Wastes that are not accepted include explosives such as ammunition, blasting caps and gun powder, reactives such as sodium metal and radioactive wastes.

The Central Peninsula Landfill; Homer, Kenai, Nikiski, Sterling and Seward Transfer Facilities;  and the Seldovia and Beluga Landfills also accept used oil and batteries year round during regular operating hours. The oil must not be mixed with any other products including water, and may be delivered in quantities of 10 gallons or less with a maximum of 25 gallons per month. Contaminated oil must be delivered to the hazardous waste disposal event.  Up to 10 vehicle batteries are accepted per year.

(for commercial disposers only)

Acid/Bases, Pesticides, etc. $30.00/gallon
Batteries $ 1.50/pound
Empty Drum $35.00/drum
Fluorescent Lamps/Bulbs $   .52/each
Fuses $30.00/pound
Mercury $15.00/gallon


Paints, Solvents, Fuels, Oils, etc

$ 8.00/gallon

Solids or Sludge $12.00/gallon
Solid Pesticides

$ 6.00/pound

Unit cost applies to the container size, regardless of its contents.
Payment to Emerald Alaska Inc. is required at the time of disposal, unless other arrangements are made. 
Sales tax will be applied as applicable.

Collection events are on Saturdays
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at all facilities
Please note that collections are not scheduled every month
The schedule listed below is subject to change.

 Hazardous Waste Flyer and Schedule