The Donald E. Gilman Resource Library houses a collection of technical and scientific materials related to management and conservation of natural resources. Topics include watershed and wetland ecology, floodplain management, geology, hydrology, water quality, coastal management, fisheries, streambank restoration and more. We also have books and materials about the natural and cultural history of the Kenai Peninsula.


The library is open to the public during regular Kenai River Center hours.

Library User Policies

Library hours:

The library will be open to the public during regular KRC hours (8 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday except government holidays). However, the library is subject to closure at any time without prior notice.

Checking out items:

Only KRC staff and personnel from partner agencies and organizations may check out items from the library.

All personnel who check out items must have current contact information on record in the library database.

Catalogued items may not be removed from the library without being checked out.

Items not catalogued may not be removed without approval from KRC staff.

The general public has access to all items in the library collection but may not remove them from the Kenai River Center.

Photocopying documents:

Agency personnel are free to make photocopies of library documents.



All donated items must be catalogued by KRC staff or volunteers.

All donated items are subject to approval.


Uncatalogued copies of some items may be kept for loaning to non-agency personnel, donation to other agencies, or donation to user groups.