Site Management
The material site is administered by the KPB Land Management Division.  The division will issue all permits / contracts for the sale of sand and gravel material.  The primary objective is to provide small quantities of gravel to the general public using a permit / contract system.  Commercial quantity requests for gravel may be considered on a case-by-case basis with preference given to projects that benefit the Hope community.  Such sales shall be negotiated.

The borough will monitor extraction activities and will expand the extraction area on an as-needed basis.

Site Location
This site is located at approximately Mile Post 0.75 on the north side of Resurrection Creek Road / Palmer Creek Road.  See Site Plan - Conceptual Development drawing for the location of site facilities.  Signs will be posted to guide site activities.

Hours of Operation
This site shall be opened in the spring and closed in late fall.

A person must obtain a permit before extracting gravel material.

1 to 300 cubic yards: $3.25/cubic yard, plus 3% sales tax.

More than 300 cubic yards: May be negotiated however this material site is managed primarily for the purpose of making small quantities of materials available for local land improvement needs.

No shooting or discharge of firearms on the premises.  Disposal of trash is prohibited.

Material Extraction
A permit holder is responsible to use their own equipment to extract, load, and transport gravel off site or make arrangements with an equipment operator to perform this task.  No material testing was conducted to determine the quality of the gravel, percentage of silt, or gradation.  Any graded material stored on site is the property of the Kenai Peninsula Borough and is not to be removed by permit holders.

Site Operations
The location, working face, direction of expansion, and limits of material extraction shall be identified by signs posted on site.  Gravel extraction shall occur incrementally using a cell pattern so as to use the entire working face before expanding further (see Site Plan – Conceptual Development, drawing).  The working face shall have slopes no steeper than a 1:1.5 ratio.  Exterior slopes shall be graded to provide lateral support to the airport property and Resurrection Creek Road.  This site shall include a minimum setback of 100 feet from the overhead power line and 200 feet from the Nu-Hope Townsite Subdivision.  Excavation depth shall be restricted to 2 feet above the water table unless otherwise directed.

Site Closing / Reclamation
After the site is exhausted, material extraction activities shall be terminated and the site shall be reclaimed.

Reclamation may include bench and contour grading, vegetative planting, and other erosion control measures to stabilize the site and adjacent lands.  Reclamation shall have no negative affect on the natural surroundings, drainage patterns, or surrounding land use.  The site shall remain closed until a subsequence use is established.

Woody Debris Dispoosal
The Hope Material Site accepts the disposal of burnable wood-based products.  A permite is required for disposals that exceed one (1) pick-up load per day.

Below is a list of Acceptable materials that can be disposed of as well as a list of prohibited materials.  Prohibited materials should be properly disposed of at a Solid Waste facility.  A waste transfer facility is located in the Hope area at approximately mile post 15.5 of the Hope Highway.  This transfer facility only accepts non-hazardous solid waste.

Tree Stumps Non-Organic Materials
Limbs Metals
Slash Plastics
Brush Hazardous Waste
Burnable Wood-Based Products Liquids Of Any Kind
Animal Carcasses
Fish Waste
Septic Waste
Earthen Materials (Including Drilling Muds)
No Trash Shall Be Buried On Site

The borough will monitor disposal activities and schedule a burn of wood materials on an as-needed basis.