The Kenai Peninsula Borough (KPB) routinely offers land for sale.  The three most common types of borough land sales are:  

  • Sealed Bid 
  • Over the Counter (OTC) 
  • Tax Foreclosure

The KPB Assembly authorizes the sale of all borough owned lands by ordinance. Once approved by the Assembly the land can then be offered for public sale.  A brochure containing all information regarding the land sale will be available on the Land Management Division webpage as well as printed copies at the main KPB administrative buildings in Soldotna, Homer & Seward.  The sale will also be advertised in local newspapers and on the Land Management Division webpage. The KPB does not maintain mailing lists of individuals interested in its land sales.


Some KPB owned lands that are surplus to public needs can be offered for competitive public sale through a Sealed Bid or Over the Counter land sale. The Sealed Bid & Over the Counter land sales can be held at any time during the year.  Minimum bids or sale prices proposed are based on competitive market value prices. If a member of the public would like to nominate a parcel of borough land to possibly be included in a land sale, they can fill out a Nomination for Disposition of Borough Land form and submit it to the Land Management Division for consideration. 


The Tax Foreclosure sale is usually held in September/October of each year, providing there are a sufficient amount of parcels available to make the sale viable.  Minimum bids are based on taxes, penalties and interest owed on the parcel.  


For more information on land sales please contact the Land Management Division. 



Results From Previous Land Sales: 










2021 OTC Sale

2021 Outcry Auction

2020 OTC   

2020 Sealed Bid

2019 OTC

2019 Sealed Bid

2018 OTC

2018 Sealed Bid 

2017 OTC 

2017 Sealed Bid

2015 OTC

2014 Sealed Bid

2014 Widgeon Woods

2013 Sealed Bid

2013 Widgeon Woods