Volunteers are an important part of the Borough and, in many cases, make it possible for the Kenai Peninsula Borough to deliver critical services and skills to our residents. In their many roles, our KPB volunteers provide countless hours of service each year to help their communities.

What kinds of roles do volunteers play?

From firefighting and emergency medical response to assistance with recreation services and everywhere in between, as a volunteer, you will accept significant responsibility to your peers, our organization and the public we serve.

Who can volunteer?
Volunteers must be over 18 years of age.  In some roles, including emergency response volunteers, a GED or high school diploma may be required.  Volunteer applicants must complete a volunteer application, all required background check authorizations, and must sign a volunteer agreement prior to consideration for volunteer service with the Borough. Once these forms are successfully submitted and reviewed, applicants will be contacted regarding eligibility and placement.  These steps help ensure that volunteer applicants are aware of their potential responsibilities as a Borough volunteer and are ready to represent the Borough in our community and workplaces.

Where do I find more information?
Please review the documents in this section for additional information regarding volunteer obligations. All volunteer applicants must complete the volunteer application, background check consent and sign the volunteer agreement.  Volunteer applicants applying for roles where driving is required (example: emergency medical and fire volunteers) must also complete a Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) release form.  Once you have completed the required forms, submit them to the location where you are interested in volunteering.  

Volunteer opportunities will be available based on need within varying departments in the Borough.