Help Guide

Learn how to search for features in the Interactive Parcel Viewer, use the drawing tools, and more in this Help Guide.

DjVu Browser Plug-in

The DjVu Browser Plug-in is the primary means of viewing DjVu documents. In the Interactive Parcel Viewer, it is required in order to view the "Air Photos" under Map Display.

Wetlands Mapping Project Guide

The wetlands map layer on the Interactive Parcel viewer is a tool for planning purposes only and does not indicate any jurisdictional determination by the Army Corps of Engineers. The Project Guide provides a key to the wetland ecosystems of the Kenai Lowlands, and more.

Read more about the Wetland Mapping and Classification of the Kenai Lowland.

Q. How often is the Interactive Parcel Viewer data updated?

a. This varies, depending on the GIS layer itself. For example, city limits change only with annexation, but data such as subdivision names or street names are updated weekly.

Q. How often is the Kenai Peninsula Borough's satellite imagery updated?

a. The acquisition of satellite imagery can be very costly, depending on the desired coverage area. For that reason, the Kenai Peninsula Borough will often cost share with various agencies - this is usually time consuming and dependent on the various agencies' budget cycles. Alternately, the KPB may pledge a certain dollar amount to access already-acquired imagery, such as the Soldotna 2009 imagery.

Q. Why do my property lines appear to be in the wrong place?

a. This is a multi-faceted issue, though imagery misalignment is the greatest factor. The majority of property lines are accurate to approximately 4 feet, while the imagery can be off as much as 40 ft. To find your actual property lines, you should locate a recorded survey map of your property, or contact a professional surveyor.

Q. I recently bought or sold a property, but the ownership information in the Interactive Parcel Viewer hasn't updated. Why?

a. The information displayed by the Interactive Parcel Viewer is limited to the current tax billing year only. For this reason, information about recent land sales may not be available for several months after the transaction has been completed.

Q. What if I don't see the data I'm looking for in the Interactive Parcel Viewer?

a. The layers available in the Interactive Parcel Viewer are those determined to be most-used. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if there is information you believe should appear on the Viewer, and we will review the request.

Q. How do I obtain Kenai Peninsula Borough's data for my own use?

a. If you use ArcGIS or AutoCAD, visit our Downloads page to obtain data in either .shp, .fgdb, .dwg, or .lyr format.

Q. Do you have data for outside the Kenai Peninsula Borough?

a. In general, we only store data within the borough boundaries. If you wish to obtain data within another borough boundary, please contact that borough. If you with to obtain other data within the state of Alaska, check with the state data clearinghouse web sites (linked under "Other Sites" on our home page).