Q:  Is my information secure?
A:  Yes, your contact information is stored securely and is only used for the purposes of emergency alerting.  The system uses all standard security safeguards to ensure that your information is not accessible by unauthorized persons, and is not shared with any other entity or agency.

Q:  When will I get alerts?
Alerts are sent only during urgent situations that may require immediate action to stay safe.  Examples of alerts would be during tsunami warnings, evacuation notices, law enforcement activity, wildfires, missing persons, or any situation where it is essential to get information out quickly.

Q:  What if I already registered my number in the old system?

A:  If your number was previously registered in the Rapid Notify system with a valid address, it was transferred to KPB Alerts.  To ensure you receive alerts, we recommend re-registering to ensure your address is correct.  The system will not contact you twice if there are multiple entries from both systems.

Q:  What is Code Red?
A:  Code Red, a product by a company named OnSolve, is the current vendor for KPB Alerts.  This company manages the technology that actually makes the phone calls and texts messages when an alert is sent.  The terms KPB Alerts and Code Red can be used interchangably.

Q:  How will I receive alerts?
A:  Alerts are sent using telephone calls, text messages, and are posted on social media.  Notifications from the system will show the caller ID of 866-419-5000 and texts will come from 76993.  We recommend programming these numbers into your phone as KPB Alerts.  
You can view alerts using social Media.  Follow KPB Alerts on Facebook and Twitter.

Q:  If I have a landline phone, do I have to register those numbers as well?
A:  Landline phone numbers are already registered in the system, so only cellular phone numbers need to be manually registered on this page.