March 12, 2018 Subdivision Plat Public Hearings



1.        Cranewings No. 3
           KPB File 2018-018 [Orion / Muller]
           Location:  Cranewings Ct
           City of Kachemak

2.       Section Line Easement Vacation Assoc with the NE1/4 NE 1/4 Section 23
          Portion of Scout Lake oop Rd, T5N R9W, SM, AK
          KPB File 2017-028 [Johnson / Christner]
          Location: Off of Scout Lake Loop Rd

3.        Evenson Subdivison #2
           KPB File 2018-017 [Johnson / Evenson]
           Location:  K-Beach Rd
           Kasilof area

4.        Kasilof River Industrial Tracts 2018 Addition
           KPB File 2017-168R1 [Integrity / IFP Holdings, LLC]
           Location: Skein Ave & Kasilof Beach Rd

5.         Jack Foster Subdivision 2018 Addition
            KPB File 2018-012 [Integrity / Foster]
            Location:  Forest Ln, Sterling

6.         Knorr Subdivision Russell Replat
            KPB File 2018-015 [Integrity / Russell]
            Location:  North of Strawberry Rd

7.         Kenai Spur HIghway Rehabilitation Phase II
            Right-of-Way Acquisition Plat
            KPB File 2017-171 [State of Alaska DOT&PF / State of Alaska DOT&PF]
            Location:  Sports Lake Rd to Robin Dr.
            City of Kenai