The Kenai Peninsula Borough offers land competitively at market value by means of a Sealed Bid Land Sale. KPB receives land through municipal entitlement from the State of Alaska. Some borough owned lands that are surplus to public needs can be offered for competitive public sale. The KPB Assembly authorizes the sale of KPB land by ordinance upon recommendation from the KPB Planning Commission. The Sealed Bid land sale is carried out approximately mid August through mid October. The sale is advertised in local newspapers, published brochures, and on this website. Minimum bids are proposed based on appraisals conducted by the KPB Assessing Department or independent appraisers.


Tax foreclosed property is sold at public outcry auction. The Tax Foreclosure Sale is held approximately September/October of each year providing there are sufficient parcels. See our brochure for the location of the Auction. Advertising in three local newspapers the Peninsula Clarion, Seward Journal, and Homer News, begins 30 days prior to the auction, once a week for four weeks. In addition to the local newspapers, advertising may also be present in Anchorage newspapers. Brochures are published in August and are available for pick-up at the Kenai Peninsula Borough Administration Building, other borough agencies, and public buildings. Brochures may also be viewed on this website. The KPB does not maintain a mailing list due to costs. The bidder needs to be present at the auction or have a representative with power of attorney to bid on their behalf. Bid registration begins at 9:00 am on the day of the auction with the sale commencing at approximately 10:15 am. The bidder may not register by mail. Minimum bid amounts are equal to unpaid taxes, penalty, interest and costs. The terms of this sale are fixed by ordinance. Payment can be made by cash, personal check, cashier's check, or money order. Credit cards are currently not accepted. A Tax Foreclosure Quitclaim Deed is used to transfer title.

Results From Previous Land Sales: 

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2015 OTC Land Sale 

2014 Sealed Bid

2014 Widgeon Woods

2013 Sealed Bid

2013 Widgeon Woods

2012 Widgeon Woods

2011 Discovery Park

2011 Percy Hope