(for residents of the Kenai Peninsula Borough only)

Note: Your landline (home) telephone number is already in our system.
Please register only cellular phone numbers.


The Kenai Peninsula Rapid Notify system is an excellent tool to provide critical information to residents during emergency events. This tool can send out recorded voice messages to Kenai Peninsula homes on local phone lines within minutes.

This system has proven it's worth providing information during flood, fire, evacuation, and many other types of emergencies incidents.

Previously the system was only able to contact landline telephone numbers. However, due to increasing popularity and usage of cellular phones, especially as a primary home number, our system is now able to contact mobile phones that are self-registered by their owners.

The registration form indicates Home Phone, Work Phone and Cellular Phone but they may be any cellular numbers you wish.

If you are interested in voluntarily registering one or more of your wireless devices with us, click on the Self Registration Portal.

Some frequently asked questions:

Do you already have my phone number? 

If you have landline service, the answer is yes. We have both listed and unlisted, business and residential phone numbers within the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

Is my number safe?

Yes. Your number is only used for emergency notifications and is kept secure. We do not sell or distribute any of your information, nor use it for any purpose not directly related to emergency notification.

Can I have my phone number associated with multiple locations? 

Yes. The system calls phones registered in an area designated by the message sender. The system looks up physical addresses in that designated area and finds the phone numbers registered to those physical addresses.

The registration form indicates Home Phone, Work Phone and Cellular Phone but they may be any numbers you wish. Up to three phone numbers of any kind can be registered to each physical address per email address. You can also register your cell phone number(s) to a different physical address if you do so by registering with a different email address.

Can I register using my Post Office box address?

No. As noted above, the Rapid Notify system is based upon a physical address. The system cannot accept a post office box as an address. A post office serves a large geographical area. If you used the post office as a physical address, the system may send emergency messages to you when the physical address you live at may not be affected, or the system could fail to send a message to you when the area where you live does have an emergency.

You will still have a physical address even if you receive your mail at a post office box. When you register, use your physical address. If you are not sure what that physical address is, you can find that information listed by the name of the owner at the Borough Assessing Dept.'s web site.

If I get a call from Rapid Notify, should I call 911 for more information?

NO. During an emergency, the 911 lines must be kept clear of non-emergency inquires. DO NOT call 911 unless you have a real emergency. Additional information may be available over local radio or television stations, and/or a telephone hot line number may be provided.

Will my telephone get called if the power is out?

If the telephone is connected directly to the phone jack, in other words powered by the phone line, the answer is yes. If it is cordless, it will not unless the base has back-up power, such as from a battery. Cell phones that are registered will continue to work unless the cell phone tower has been affected by the power loss.

 If I receive an emergency notification while away from my home, should I go home immediately?

Generally the answer is "No". In most emergencies, people are asked to either stay away from the area or to evacuate the area. Rushing home will make the situation more difficult and dangerous for you and the responding emergency personnel. Follow the directions given on the Rapid Notify message.

If you have additional questions please email our office or call us at 907-262-4910 or 800-478-4441 ext. 2095 (outside Soldotna local but within the Kenai Peninsula Borough).

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