The Kenai Peninsula Borough surplus property auction will now be conducted online through  The next auction is scheduled for April 17th through May 8th, 2017.  Be sure to register as a buyer.


To register as a buyer (and receive a notification when auctions are posted) please follow the instructions below (there is no cost to sign up):


Step 1: Click the following link:

Step 2: Fill out the Buyer Information form completely and click Next Step

Step 3: Read and accept the Buyer Agreement and click Next Step

Step 4: Review entered buyer information to confirm it is correct and click Submit.

Step 5: You should receive a confirmation code via phone call or text message (depending upon which method you selected in the Buyer Information Form on Step 2). If no code is received within 30 minutes, please contact Buyers Support at 801-932-7000 Ext 0 (Toll charges apply) and Ask for Buyers Support.  Advise them you need assistance with getting your confirmation code.

Step 6: Once the confirmation code is received enter that code onto the site when you login and this will complete the account sign-up.


The following is a link to the Borough auctions that are offered through Public Surplus:,ak/list/current?orgid=159387